Effective Ways to Monetize Medical Mobile Apps

If you are an app owner, then you will want to know how to make money from your mobile apps, or in simple words, how to monetize your currently free app. The medical app monetization process is similar to standard models that guide you on how to make cash-on-hand from apps.

A medical mobile app should complete the general enterprise objectives of the app’s owners. It’s more reasonable to integrate a mobile app monetization scheme at the start rather than to pull one when your app is already created and working with an engaged user base. An app’s optimal monetization model favourably counts on its business logic and business idea. 

How To Earn Income From Medical Apps

Not just does medical app development enhances healthcare, but it can be advantageous for the app owner. Now, here are the nine mobile monetization techniques that are appropriate for medical mobile apps. Here we list the most prevalent mobile app monetization examples to answer your query about how to make money with healthcare apps.  If you are not a mobile app developer no worries there are plenty of talents out there.


Freemium is one method to monetize a medical app. The word “Freemium” is a combination of the words “free” and “premium”, suggesting that you have got two versions for the same app. The free version provides admission to basic functionality and the premium version permits users to access further (more progressive) features that are not available in the free version. 

The concept is that users will download the free version and appreciate it so much that they spend for the premium version to gain access to improved functionality. The freemium model allows users to comprehend what they’re spending for before becoming more determined and active. This app monetization system also builds positive word of mouth, adding more significance to the app.

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Certified content

Promoting certified content is another monetization plan. It functions flawlessly for apps that offer peer-to-peer assistance and focus on marketing such certified content. In a medical app, for example, doctors might be qualified to consider a specified amount of content for free. After that, they require to sign up and pay a subscription fee to get entry to more content that’s regularly revised. Taking subscription into consideration, we can even have doctors subscribe to deliver certified content or to merely follow updates and improvements in the medical sector. On the topic of subscriptions, payment is periodic. 

Registration and subscription fees

If a medical app functions as a platform that links doctors to patients, then it can assess registration payments for doctors who utilize it to fill in their available time slots. That’s one of the forms of how to monetize a free app. For instance, some apps charge doctors, and not patients, a monthly fee to stay registered and let patients schedule meetings with them.


Another mode to monetize a medical mobile application is to utilize the platform for announcing discounts and unique offers. For example, a medical center can present a discount on the following lab test. App owners can become members with third parties curious about advertising their products or assistance. The only thing essential for such collaborations is to find out what products and benefits are demanding to app users. This type of publicity can help patients remain dedicated to the app. The android app development can be used for developing the android app.

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Monetizing collected data

Is data monetization in healthcare achievable? There are legal ways to sell the collected data that medical applications accumulate. Under a promise of anonymity to users, app owners can market such data to inquisitive squads. For example, if an app follows the lifestyle of previously obese patients who had gastric bypass surgery, the data compiled could be useful to fitness professionals, pharmaceutical firms, or life insurance corporations. Data can also serve as statistics for medical writings, magazines, and diaries to calculate how a healthcare system is progressing. 

In-app purchases

This is one of the most prosperous app monetization techniques as it makes up 47% of the entire revenue developed from medical apps. So if you are contemplating developing a free app, in-app purchases are one of the most useful things you can do for business. 

Extensively speaking, in-app purchases can take different states: in fitness apps, they are additional workouts, and in mobile games — one-time cheats or bonuses. What about medical applications? Patients can buy supplements, pre-pay visits, or have their medications supplied.

Mobile App Monetization Strategies In Conclusion

In order to determine which monetization process works for you and how to make cash-on-hand from mobile apps, you need to explore the type of application you’re building and the elements you’re including in it. This will help you execute your approach, which is sure to affect your app’s architecture and its additional monetization prospect. 

It’s best to consider potential ways to emanate revenue from your app at the beginning stage so that you can have a digital solution and get your first payment from it. 

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It’s clear that every technique can be enforced alone. Or it can be connected with some/all of the processes from the above list. As for the issues of the most influential monetization, mobile apps should incorporate several approaches. 

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