5 Best Android Apps for Animators 2020

As different industries from all parts of the world move their businesses online, and the consumption of online content skyrockets, the demand for quality animation has increased exponentially. Not only does animation make the content more appealing and engaging but any smartphone user uses a ton of GIFs and videos daily.

Animation has always been a lucrative industry but is often considered to be extremely technical and out of the reach of the common man. That assumption is completely false as nowadays it is possible to create engaging and fun animations on your phone.

Multiple Android Animation apps will let you indulge in illustration and animation- whether you’re just starting and want to have some fun, or want to create premium and advanced animations. After careful analysis here are the 5 Best Android Apps for Animators in 2020:-

1. Toontastic 3D

If you’re new to the field of animation, this is one of the best apps to start with. It’s easy to use interface allows users to draw, animate, and narrate a story through their characters in just a few steps.

All one needs to do is draw their character and press record to begin. There are built-in story arcs and the amazing 3D drawing tool lets users create unique characters. The app can also record your voice and use it for narration along with built-in songs. Toontastic is especially popular with kids and was voted as the Best Kids App for 2017.

It allows people to learn the basics of storytelling and use the collection of pirates, oceans, and galaxies in its library to create their adventures. The interface also allows users to save their creations and share them easily.

  • Rating: 4.0
  • Size: 201 Mb
  • Downloads: 1M+
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2. FlipaClip

If you’re good at sketching and want to create your personal cartoons then this is the app for you. This app developed by Visual Blasters LLC allows you to create your cartoon using frame-by-frame animation.

There are several in-app purchases between 0.99$ to 5.99$ which will provide you with a collection of engaging templates and features to make compelling, professional animation. The app also lets the users import and edit audio and supports various popular formats such as MP4, Image SEQ, and GIF.

One can use this app to create short videos for various social media platforms and boost their online presence. Just draw a collection of images and the app does the rest.

  • Rating: 4.3
  • Size: 30 Mb
  • Downloads: 10M+

3. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt is a well-known name among photo editing applications and has a massive user base of more than 100 million people. The Animator by the same reliable developers is loaded with a ton of features that allow you to create simple and complex animations and GIFs. It allows users to draw a frame-by-frame animation and use the play mode to preview the animation and access the timeline.

There are many complex and advanced tools included free in this app that enables users to sketch and create visually stunning animation. One can also control animation speed and length with this app.

  • Rating: 3.7
  • Size: 30 Mb
  • Downloads: 5M+

4. Animation Desk

Animation Desk is one of the most sophisticated illustrations and animation apps and is phenomenal for sketching, drawing, and animating. It offers users a chance to blend old school drawing with modern techniques to create a masterpiece. They can draw using crayons, fountain pens, pencils, and brushes as there are a whopping 45 varieties of shapes and sizes available.

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A person can insert up to 9 layers to create a detailed animation with movement and the app also allows users to import files from other apps like Photoshop. Using this app one can create a powerful and professional piece of animation that can be published worldwide.

  • Rating: 3.3
  • Size: 44 Mb
  • Downloads: 500k+

5. GIFMob

GIFs have become a part of our daily online conversations and provide a new edge and dimension to texting. We usually use preloaded GIFs or download them online but GIFMob allows you to create your own exclusive and exciting GIFs. The users can either click pictures using the phone camera or choose images from a gallery to make stop motion to GIF or MP4. 

The app developed by PHOTO 3D LAB allows people to instantly save and share their creations. GIFs can help boost a campaign and easily go viral and this app produces exciting results with minimum effort.

  • Rating: 4.0
  • Size: 10 Mb
  • Downloads: 500k

In conclusion, having a workshop on your mobile lets you create ideas on the go, and using the right app is very important to infuse creativity in your animations. It is also important to choose an app that meets your requirements and skill level.

The apps listed above have a user-friendly interface and will help you to make the best use of your time and creativity. All these apps are available for free on the Google Play Store with optional in-app purchases.

Whether you are venturing into the field of animation for the first time or are a veteran these are the best apps on Android in 2020 which will help you to elevate your skills and fetch you more clients.

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