Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021

There a few techniques that you should implement in order to drive organic traffic in 2021. Here we shall discuss a few of the tips that will help you in your journey of driving organic traffic.

SEO Audit:

It is recommended to first do an SEO audit of your website.SEO audit of your website will enable you to identify the mistakes that you have made in the design of the website. It will help you to improve the website. You can do SEO audit of your website yourself or if you find it necessary, you may hire a third party to audit your website. Through SEO audit, you will be able to evaluate the performance of your website and will design future strategies on the basis of the audit.

While creating a website, there are many things that you miss. The audit helps you to identify the things you have missed and put them in place. While doing an SEO audit, it is recommended to check the descriptions, tags, Meta titles, and descriptions of the website. Also, check the optimization of the site for keywords.

Make sure your website has a simple, short, and easy URL because it determines that what the page is all about. Check the format of each page in terms of headings and sub-headings tags. There should be two to three sentences in a single paragraph, not more than that. Call to action feature also comes in the optimization of the website so do check this feature in the website.

Users’ expectations:

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 It is recommended to assess the expectations of users from your website and create content based on their expectations. It is the people who determine the topic, content, idea, product or service that you are delivering. Make notes of what users are expecting from you. You can use social media platforms to get the views of the audience in the form of feedback. You can check the pages of your website that are most visited by the users. Pay attention to the things that people are talking about.

Landing pages:

 It is recommended to design landing pages for your site because it generates more traffic to your site. You can build a strong relationship with your customer through the landing page so design them meticulously. The landing page should contain useful and informative content that grabs the attention of the viewers to stay on-page.

Mobile friendly:

It is one of the critical features of website design. The website you design should be mobile-friendly as you see most of the people use mobile phones for online work. Research suggests that websites that work well on mobile drive more traffic to the site as compared to other sites. Of course, it is because the mobile-unfriendly websites will block so many users who use mobile phones for checking the site causing a decrease in traffic to the site.


There are many people who tend to learn through visuals. It is recommended to add visuals to your site along with the information. It attracts the customers because they find it easy to look at the visual along with reading the information. For instance, if you are giving information about paint sprayer guns, you may ass the picture of titan 440i parts along.

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