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Ground Cloud – All you need to know

Ground Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that automates critical business processes for Pickup-and-Delivery contractual service providers to improve safety, compliance, and efficiency. It offers a logistical environment that incorporates all aspects of safety, productivity, and compliance. It provides a complete solution that will raise your profits, automate your compliance, and objectively improve your safety outcomes. It allows P&D contractors to track staff productivity, plan routes, track time, and perform other administrative tasks all from one location. It allows supervisors to set priority zones over numerous routes, which drivers can use to plan their daily operations.

Pros of ground cloud

It comes with various features that help in the following ways.

Safety Instructions

Custom content created for P&D and line haul

organizations has been shown to improve driver safety.

Optimization of the Route

Advanced algorithms boost driving efficiency while lowering operating expenses.

Built-in Navigation tool

This allows employees to generate statistics about traffic, accidents, and road closures in real-time.

Module for fleet tracking

This makes it possible to keep track of driver pauses, truck breakdowns, and overall staff productivity.

An instrument for measuring


This allows supervisors to receive automatic notifications regarding speeding drivers, allowing them to take appropriate action.

Built-in – messaging tool

Enables two-way communication between team members from within a unified platform

Cons of ground cloud

Everything comes with its pros and cons. below are some of the negative features of the ground cloud.

It is only for IOS

Everything is at the company level. There should be some options for the managerial level. Not suitable for larger companies.

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Why you should choose the Ground Cloud?

With Ground Cloud, you can run your business from anywhere! Ground Cloud is a cloud-based software solution that you may access via a management console and a tablet in your trucks. It provides a comprehensive platform for managing your Safety, Drivers, Fleet, Routes, HR, Financial Metrics, and Compliance requirements. It provides the following solutions

Ground Cloud works on safety-first motto

It works hard to ensure that you and your team arrive home safely every night. Your drivers will stay engaged with automated multimedia material such as quizzes, movies, and training modules. Driver profiles keep track of things like speeding, crashes, and texting in order to provide you with the information you need to talk about safety. All of this on a dash-mounted tablet that has been proven to be safer than portable gadgets.

Get you prepared for audits

Audits happen, and with ground cloud, the process is seamless and smooth. You must prove your safety program and other vehicle compliance records in order to pass an audit. Create a report of completed driver safety training modules with Ground cloud, and your audit is complete in minutes. DOT record requests are simplified because drivers are requested to enter inspection information as often as they wish, including mileage, service records, and tire depth.

Increases productivity and revenue

Even the most experienced drivers can improve their stops per hour with Ground Cloud. You can turn your novice drivers into highly efficient professionals in days, not weeks if you use this service. Ground Cloud includes a wide range of mapping tools, geocoding data, and algorithms that are all working together to meet your complex delivery requirements. Using these resources, you will be able to cover more distances, save money, and earn more money by using these technologies.

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Pricing of Ground Cloud

Ground Cloud is offered in four different pricing options which are detailed below.

  • There is also a free trial available.
  • Simultaneously manages 1-9 drivers: $35 per month
  • Simultaneously manages 10+ drivers: $30 per month.
  • Contract for 24 months: $25/month
  • $50/month for Ground Cloud with VEDR

Some of the ground cloud alternatives

1.     Position Logic

2.     Fleet mobility

3.     ITS Dispatch

4.     Transvirtual

5.     Track pod

6.     Elite extra


Through turn-by-turn navigation and route optimization, safety training and compliance, GPS tracking and reporting, maintenance scheduling, time tracking, and trip inspections, the Ground Cloud mobile app is a user-friendly platform that makes fleet management more straightforward, safer, and efficient, making it a cool Fleet Management Software.

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