Basics of Digital Marketing

Where can you learn more about these things? How to study digital marketing? I would say excellent questions that I hear often. I work as a digital marketing educator at a reputed digital marketing agency and have enjoyed well over a hundred training, information sessions and coaching on various aspects of digital marketing over the years. Digital marketing is of interest and is a very topical theme in the work of many marketers. While the fundamentals of digital marketing remain, the practical implementation has changed. There have been many more channels and opportunities. Here are a few sites where it’s easy to get started.

Where can I study the basics of digital marketing?

The easiest way to catch up on new things is through training. There are numerous opportunities online: online videos, materials, and training packages with tests that allow you to study to become an expert in the field with free material. Information retrieval skills (= using Google 🙂 are a great addition to your marketing experience, as there is a lot of comprehensive help available online in its various forms: blogs, help centers, video tutorials, groups, etc.

Google Digital Garage   

Google offers a comprehensive online information package on the basics of digital marketing. This entity contains video material, assignments e.g., search engine visibility, search engine advertising, search engine optimization, social media, eCommerce, and sales growth. A total of 23 different topics and related lessons are available in Finnish. The video materials are in English, but Finnish subtitles are available. This is an excellent data bank for the whole basics of digital marketing.

Facebook Blueprint

The Facebook e-learning site offers best practices, case studies, and step-by-step guidelines for implementing Facebook and Instagram advertising. Here you can go through the basics of advertising, and complete certifications. At the end of each section, you will find assignments from which you can review what you have learned. Blueprint eLearning offers training material e.g., the following areas of Facebook advertising: how to start advertising, how to create a target audience, how to increase your company’s visibility on Facebook, Facebook advertising, targeting advertising, different ad formats and their characteristics, and measuring advertising. There is a comprehensive help center on Facebook where you can find information about maintaining a different page and the different functionalities of Facebook.

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There are 3 certification options and certification can also be completed online. These entities measure the expertise in the maintenance, creation, management, effective implementation, and best practices and terms of advertising on a Facebook page.

I have studied a few of the entities offered by Facebook, but in many cases, the best lesson for Facebook comes from practicing and following changes. If you work with yourself, you can get the latest changes, current bugs, and future trends from the Someduunarit group.

Google Training and Certification and Google Partners

Google provides free certification training for offices and their employees. Google Partners is a portal for digital marketing companies: this badge helps ensure that your company has Google Certified Professionals, which means you have better-than-average basics.

** In April 2018, data from Google Partners will be transferred to the Ads Partners program tab ** Certifications and exams will be available from Academy for Ads in the future, trend data and statistics will be available on Think with Google.

Certification tests can be performed e.g. advertising basics, display advertising, video advertising, and mobile advertising. The surfing exam itself is a bit tricky, so free pre-exam training provides a good foundation for passing it. For the office, the co-operation enables e.g. consulting from Google: for example, help with the development of trend reports and statistics, and customer projects.

To learn about Google’s materials and complete your certification, check out Academy for Ads >> here

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