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How to Import .olm File to Windows Outlook?

The query to import .olm file to Windows Outlook is a common issue that arises among users who are planning to move their data from Mac Outlook to Outlook for the Windows platform. Since an OLM file is generated only by Outlook for Mac, it is not compatible with any other platform including its Windows counterpart. 

The Win Outlook exports the database information in a PST format which is a personal storage table. Like OLM, even this format is not much compatible with other applications. Therefore, it is a big confusion for the users to move their data to Win PC. 

“I work for a tech company for its Mac OS products. Now, I am moving to another organization but my Outlook data is crucial for me. Now, since the Outlook account that I was using in my previous company belonged to them and I cannot use it after leaving. How can I shift its data to my Windows Outlook so that I do not lose it?”

The above-mentioned user query is much more common than you think. So, we have decided to solve it for you. Read this article further to know how you can achieve this target.

How to Import .olm File to Windows Outlook?

You can import the OLM files including all of your data items to Windows Outlook by either using a direct automatic tool or by using manual practices. For those users who do not want to mess up their data, we highly recommend using the OLM converter for Mac which works for you even in the absence of Mac Outlook. This software creates PST files from OLM which is recognized by Windows Outlook. It guarantees to produce professionally accurate results. It comes with a huge list of benefits as given below:

  • Export emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks.
  • Migrate a bulk amount of files in a single attempt.
  • Maintains folder hierarchy and structure.
  • Can convert the OLM files into 10+ formats.
  • Works well with Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, 2011 files.
  • The resultant files are compatible with all Win Outlook versions.
  • Can split resultant PST files into smaller units.
  • Option to export selective folders and data items.
  • Can move the attachment along with emails.
  • Feature to apply date filter for selective conversion.
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This software works by installing it and adding OLM files to it. After this, you only have to select the PST format, apply advanced settings. Then, give a destination to save these files and click on the Export button.

Manual Way to Import .olm File to Windows Outlook

Manually performing this task is much more complex than the automatic way. It requires you to use your Gmail account with IMAP settings enabled in it. Then, you are required to configure this IMAP account with Mac Outlook and move all of your data into this Gmail account. Later on, you will have to configure it with Windows Outlook and move its data to this application.

Another way would be to drag the files from Mac Outlook to a local folder on your device where they automatically get saved in EML files. Then, you will have to take them to your Windows PC and import them into it.

These methods are simple when you read about them but quite lengthy and difficult to execute. If we go on discussing them individually in detail, this article will become too long. But since the solution has already been provided, we shall end it here.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have seen various methods to import .olm file to Windows Outlook. Any of these strategies can be adopted by the users to work depending on their needs. The software we recommend, however, is much more reliable than the other ways since it is professionally built for the migration process and is available for free for the trial.

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