8 Best WordPress plugins for selling digital products 2022

How can I sell my products? Is there something better than releasing ideas on the Internet for free? It’s similar to opening a painting shop and attracting clients from all over the world. Marketing your product via the Internet can be much easier as it provides endless resource options. Anything can be bought by clicking a button. You can also optimize and target traffic to maximize your returns.

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What are digital products?

Selling digital products may be more economical than selling physical products. Digital goods are not limited to storage or transport but have less logistically-like physical items problems. Wondering what kind of files are excellent to sell or offer for free through your website? There are dozens! These examples of products that are commonly sold digitally are not exhaustive but are largely used:

1.WordPress Download Manager

The WordPress download manager is added to an application that supports the sale of digital products. The manager assists the user in analyzing download activity and integration. The purpose of this is to offer free downloads or promote actual items. You can add a user-defined download option to make the downloads available. You may even use password protection for your documents to protect your data from unauthorized attacks. With over 100k installations, this plugin is helpful for both storing downloads and selling products online for businesses. This plugin supports Google Docs, Dropbox and OneDrive, and a host of other cloud services.

2.WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

WOOCommerce plugins are the most effective for WordPress bloggers. More than a billion online stores now use WooCommerce as a highly flexible platform to sell physical products. Obviously, for digital products, you should have this plugin: WooCommerce checkout for digital products right here. The payment gateway typically controls this, so the plugin removes all unnecessary fields and provides a more straightforward checkout process for your digital goods. Because you are promoting digitally based goods, you will have fewer needs. Downloads available.

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3.PayPro for Digital Goods

If you have decided to sell software online, you will need to figure out payments. PayPro Global is a complete eCommerce cloud-based solution, bringing forward all the tools companies need to sell software online locally and globally. Handling everything from global payments, tax and billing management to chargebacks, risk, and 24/7 support, businesses finally gain the freedom to focus on their product, knowing that their growth is secured.

4.Download Monitor

Download Monitoring plugin facilitates the management, upload, distribution, and sales of individual downloads via a download link in your posts and on social media. It has a Gutenberg block, which makes it easy to use. You can also embed these download links using shortcodes. It can be installed for free. But as in the case of freemium, the product has limited functions, and some key features will probably be largely unexplored in strategic ways. Therefore, a paid plan will cost you around $39 – $155.

5. Easy digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a digital marketing and promotion platform using WordPress. This simple-to-use plugin makes digital product sales easily accessible on a single site. It’s designed to provide a simple way to sell your website. It also has a shopping cart that allows customers to purchase products from you. The program offers coupon codes to encourage downloads and other products by offering special offers and coupons. Another reliable method is supported: PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon.

6.WP Express Checkout

WP Express Checkout was written by the same developers as the WordPress PayPal Shop Cart that I covered previously. Despite the fact that the latter plugin enables customers to browse and add digital goods in virtual shops after completing the purchase process, the plugin automatically captures sales for individual products. The “Buy now” button instead of the “Add to basket” button directs customers to PayPal to purchase if they do not first visit their cart. Therefore: simple, quick buys.

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7. Dokan

Dokan offers marketplace services for multi-vendor companies to create a wide variety of marketplaces, including digital. A marketplace is precisely what its title says – a place for many vendors to trade digital goods and services. This plugin integrates with WooCommerce, so your website has to support it. But it’s a powerful combination. You’ll be able to start offering your digital product to others quickly – presumably at a low cost – with an added profit.

8. Selzburg

Selz can build the store on a WordPress site. You need to have technical skills to install this plugin. You can also sell physical merchandise or services via Selz. It is a transaction-related fee. We suggest you contact Selz about the possibility of reducing your project cost.

To sum up 

Sometimes, it’s not just about how great your product is. No matter how you look at it, one thing is sure. The competition in the online market, within any industry, is fierce. So, if you want to make it in this big world, you’ll need to identify and use existing tools to fuel your growth.

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