Most Used Business phone Systems in The Call Centers in 2021

Are you planning to set up a business call center or looking to partner with one? Then you must be looking for a sound business phone system for going good with your communications? Right. We got you covered here with this fantastic piece of article. 

An excellent communication system and technology define a call center. Therefore it is essential to install a correct phone system and the right service providers. 

List of top Business Phone System For 2021

The phone system doesn’t just mean a physical phone unit. It means a complete phone setup, which includes the hardware, processes, and software. A business phone system should be such that it supports the basic and advanced call center functions like call routing, desktop interface, multi-channel communications and con call, etc. 

The phone system is such that it also supports additional features and functions like multilingual customer support, knowledge management, analytics, etc. 

Let’s quickly ponder upon some interesting and most useful phone systems that can help you with smooth communication and increase your productivity. 

  • Ring Central

It has transformed the platform for business communication and collaboration through cloud technology, including voice communications, teamwork and conferencing, and business messaging.

The hotel also offers a RingCentral Contact Center. Call center products, package functions developed in collaboration with inContact. It has historical reports and real-time reports, multi-channel communication, IVR, and multiple monitoring/management functions.

  • AT & T

Most companies have a similar goal for their contact center: a great customer experience at an operationally efficient price. However, each company faces unique challenges in achieving this goal and must intelligently feed its processes into operational support in an appropriate contact processing infrastructure. You may value a contact center solution because your company is moving, existing equipment is outdated, or you need a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

  • Avaya

Avaya Inc. is a multinational company based in California that provides communications solutions, VoIP phones, data and CRM applications, and business services. It is a significant operation serving more than 1 million active customers worldwide.

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Open web services integrate into business applications and databases such as your CRM software. This way, you can encourage data-driven customer communication and offer better customer service.

It advertises because contact center software is the most widely used in the world. This phone system can easily integrate with any business or company, whether big or small. 

It is an automatic call assignment application that optimizes resource allocation and routing. It has an intelligent routing contact system that matches customers with the best agents for their problems.

  • Cisco

Specials at the Cisco Call Center. The central solution called Cisco integrates a Contact Center Enterprise and allows incoming calls to distribute across all assigned operations, including home agents. Agents can also process multiple requests simultaneously to ensure full team performance.

Ciscos recognizes the need for call centers to work on multi-channel support and includes voice, text, web collaboration, video, and email services on converged networks. Cisco uses various business applications like CRM, IP networking, and IP based applications. 

It is a complete solution that integrates all these technologies into your current infrastructure system. 

Use this phone system to improve the call handling efficiency of your team. The phone system is a great tool and device to connect you and your business with the outside world, and when you use such a sound phone system, it will make a significant positive impact on your company. 

  • Nextiva

Nextiva is a cloud-based phone system and has some exciting features to create a highly productive working environment. 

Monthly software rentals require that you purchase a VOIP phone or headset separately. It has all the features you need, including call queues, automatic call distribution, real-time reporting, and easy connectivity for remote workers.

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Smaller call centers, businesses that don’t want annual fees, or just companies that want more control need to consider internal solutions that provide more business performance. Call quality is essential to sales and customer service. If your agent is not listening well or has significantly reduced conversion and retention rates, it could be in a rural area or an area with a slow internet connection.

Cloud systems can reduce path quality. Usually, such structures cover the more considerable installation costs, but there are no ongoing costs of renting the system and some maintenance costs. 

With an in-house solution, with the initial investment, you have the phone and the software. For many of these companies, you offer the peace of mind that they have assets in their business and no ongoing excess costs.

  • 8*8

8×8 includes team messaging that can be operated like local laws to improve customer service, remove company silos that prevent information sharing, and disrupt customer support. Each agent license also includes integration into the central CRM application and the Open Third-Party Connectivity API.

Some of the critical features of Business phone system are-

  • Co-Browsing
  • Post Call Surveys
  • Skill Based Routing
  • Queued and web call back
  • Customer engagement analytics
  • Interoperable team messaging
  • Integrated Voice, email, and we chat
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Verizon

Internet usage worldwide continues to grow significantly, considerably influencing how consumers interact with businesses and how they want it, expecting a consistent, high-quality service experience every time. It requires an approach that meets your customer expectations and business goals. 

Earn and Maintain Your Customer Loyalty A successful contact center strategy effectively manages three universal but competitive business needs increasing customer satisfaction, managing costs, and increasing sales.

  • Vonage

The Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce is # 1 for Salesforce AppExchange user reviews with a 4.9 / 5 rating from Salesforce AppExchange. This solution provides Service Cloud and Sales Cloud users with unprecedented Salesforce integration into routing, reporting, and user experience. 

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Digital voice and Salesforce channels fit together seamlessly to ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels while reducing administrative complexity. Service excellence is available at all stages of pre-sale, inclusion, acceptance, and value realization. 

The Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow enables companies with a contact center that relies on personalized workflows from agents, employees, and customers to achieve excellent customer experiences and increased productivity.

  • Call hippo

Call hippo is also known as the next-generation small business phone system, and it helps you connect easily with your customers. Very easy to operate and use, this phone system offers very advanced features like automatic call distribution and power delivery and robust functionality. 

They also offer seamless integration and aids the service and sales team have excellent communication with customers. They are available 24*7 to provide support services. 

  • Cloud Call

Cloud Call is a leading telecommunications software and solution that companies can use to enhance their communications. By integrating telephone communications directly into your CRM, Cloud Call can optimize your company’s relationships with its candidates and customers while maximizing the CRM system’s performance. 

Call functions and data are easily accessible from one system. It gives you better business visibility, helps increase productivity, and reduces manual errors.


It is useful if your business telephone system works in conjunction with software to reduce the time between calls and increase productivity. It’s also essential to add an efficient one-touch change agent with real-time reports to track call statistics. 

Choosing a communications service provider can be a challenging task. As you have a list of the best business phone system, match your requirements and select the best suits your company and business needs. 

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