5 Benefits of Online EHS Training

Compliance training, especially EHS training is one of the most important training in industries that deal with dangerous work processes. The sectors involve health risks, heavy machinery, chemicals. Etc are standardized with the help of EHS compliances laws and regulations. These laws also ensure that the people working in such industries are safe.

Traditional methods of training can be pretty time and resource-intensive. The amount of time instructor-based and face-to-face training programs take can be a weak point when it comes to compliance training. Thus, the best way to solve this problem is to opt for online training and incorporate an LMS or learning management system like Velocity EHS to help deliver EHS training in more effective, cheaper, and safer ways.

Here are the 5 benefits;

Resource and time-efficient material creation

When you opt for online EHS training, usually you do not have to worry about creating the training material. You might however think that making your own training material can be cheap as you have in-house experts who know everything about the work environment and health and safety practices.

However, when you calculate the real cost of developing your own content, you might be surprised that even with the best self-hosted LMS, EHS training might be pretty expensive. If you take account of the cost of taking off the in-house experts from their actual jobs and the risks involved in getting your material created by subject matter experts who have no prior experience in developing content, you may understand that online training options are cheaper in the long run.

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Cheaper delivery of training

Earlier companies used to carry out their EHS training through more traditional ways. The methods included instructor-led classroom environments and face-to-face on-field methods. Though these methods were effective to a certain extent, there were some scenarios where these methods were expensive and not very flexible.

When you opt for online EHS training using an LMS, the cost of delivering the training to your employees also decreases significantly. The traveling and accommodation of the instructors and the rentals for venues can be completely eliminated through an LMS. The flexibility in the online training can also promote self-paced learning among the employees.

Reduced risks of compliance penalties

EHS or Environment, Health, and Safety training come under compliance training. This is not just a necessity but also a well-defined law. In case companies and industrial organizations fail to offer EHS training to their employees, they are prone to be fined by the government.

Opting for online EHS training makes the training process faster and cheaper. It also makes the training more efficient. Usually, LMSs also offer you tools to track and record such training programs. These documentations of the EHS training can help you prove that you have offered compliance training to your employees in case a situation arises.

Reduced training time

Compliance training is one of the most essential training for any business or organization. In case of a compliance violation, the organization is fined a massive amount of money. Not complying with the safety laws also risks the lives of the employees.

Thus to minimize such unfortunate events that can potentially harm the organization, it is important to train your employees as soon as possible. The sooner they know and understand compliance and try to actively follow the standards, the less likely they will violate it unknowingly.

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An LMS can help you deliver EHS training to your employees in the quickest way possible.

Less machine downtime and damage

When new workers are hired for work or a new machine is introduced at the site, there is a dire need to provide safety training to the workers so that they know what they are doing, the potential risks, and how to avoid those risks. However, the training process takes time and the daily work gets hampered. As the machines aren’t used during this period of training, it is called a machine downtime. In case the organization/facility decides to skip the safety training, there is a chance the machine will get mishandled and thus, damaged. This can also put the workers’ lives at risk.

Incorporating an LMS in the training process and opting for online EHS training though, can help you make the training process faster. As the training happens at the quickest, the overall downtime is reduced and even the risks of any damage go down.


EHS training can be hectic, but they are an absolute necessity that cannot be avoided. However, you need to be quick so that all your employees and workers are up-to-date about the compliance laws and regulations and don’t violate them even by mistake. And this, fortunately, can be achieved by implementing an LMS to make the training cheaper, easier, and faster.

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