How To Sound Smarter By Improving Our Vocabulary

How To Sound Smarter By Improving Our Vocabulary 

Good looks help a person grab the attention of the people around him/her, but to maintain that attention. One needs to play smart. You don’t have to be the most good looking person in a room. You don’t have to have the most money, all you need is excellent communication skills, that is, knowing how, when and what conversation to have is what makes a person stand out of the crowd like you can keep the conversation going by keeping them entertained by asking different puzzles like from this word unscrambling website you can learn really easy and tricky questions.

As they say, communication is critical. What makes people appear even smarter is their vocabulary. People don’t seem to realize the effect their words have on others. The terms one prefers to use while holding a conversation, speaks a lot about their personality and their roots.

There Are 25 Ways Listed Below, Which Would Help You Improve Your Vocabulary:

1. Try replacing the word ‘very’ with other words that fit. For example;

 I am outraged-  I am Furious

 I am famished- I am Starving 

She is a very positive girl- She is an optimist. 

2. Reading helps you; come across new words and their meanings, become more aware and also teaches you alternative concepts to update your vocabulary. Reading different works and genres would prove to be even more beneficial in bettering your vocabulary. 

 3. Watching shows/movies with subtitles on doesn’t only help you come across new words but also helps you learn the pronunciation of the same, which makes an enormous difference.

4. Try to learn at least one new word every day. Take it as an exercise and do this for a month, and you, yourself will realize the change in your vocabulary. 

5. Whenever you come across a word that you don’t know the meaning of, immediately search it in your gadget or ask someone its meaning instead of assuming it. You can also try carrying a dictionary or thesaurus for the same purpose. 

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6. Make it a point to use certain words that appear smart to you, until you start using them habitually. More importantly, could you make sure you know its correct meaning?

7. There are plenty of apps available on the internet. You can play word games, take quizzes testing your grammar and also google their pronunciation. If not, you can always go back to playing board games.

8. The millennial vocabulary which we often find people using is not the same as the one people used ten years ago. You need to be familiar with the words and their meanings and use them in your day to day life. You also need to learn and blend with the times and situations you are in.

9. Make it a habit to read the newspaper every day, not only does it improve your knowledge and awareness but it introduces to you, the words, the vocabulary that people are at that moment, found using.

10. There is a fine line between sounding smart and sounding pretentious. Don’t just use a word because it seems fancy, go with a more straightforward name if you think not everyone will be able to understand or relate to it.

11. Avoid using short forms and text language, especially when conversing with somebody face to face.

For example; avoid using short forms like; IDK and ASAP when you can say; I don’t know and As soon as possible.

12. Try editing your previous write-ups to figure out where you went wrong. It will also help you figure out how much progress you have made.

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13. Relating a word to something or someone who best defines it can help you memorize it. Associations always go a long way.

For example; Relating a word like Ambitious to someone like the president of your country would help you memorize it better.

Making the association personal to you would prove to be even more beneficial.

14. Always be open to criticism. If somebody corrects your grammar, take it positively as it would only help you better your vocabulary. 

15. A beneficial, comfortable and good habit is to keep a journal. It helps improve your vocabulary as you get to use the words you recently learnt and hence end up remembering them.

16. Avoid overusing a specific word as the person you are conversing with tends to lose interest, and it makes one come across as annoying.

For example, It is regrettable that he thought you are not good enough. It makes me so sad that you believe him. 

Here the word sadder can be replaced by words like furious or upset.

17. Whenever you have time to pass, search for the synonyms of the words you tend to use in your day to day life. 

For example; I am so tired.

Here we can replace the word tired with exhausted. 

18. We have already covered the part about reading but what also enhances your vocabulary is listening and observing. If you are a good listener and you tend to follow things around you, you will come across people speaking words foreign to you anywhere and everywhere. You can search for their meaning and use it whenever feasible. 

19. Repeatedly using words that are new to you, would help you in memorizing them quicker. You can always make a separate journal for all the new words you learn so that it is easier to go back and check their meaning whenever need be.

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20. To get anything done, you first need to set a goal. Set a goal as to how many new words you need to learn, and with every small goal you achieve treat yourself with something you like, it keeps you motivated.

21. Watching movies and shows in the language you are interested in learning would help better your vocabulary along with your pronunciation. 

22. Try to get to know more about the origins of the language and the culture you are interested in. Not only would it help improve your vocabulary, but it would also be great exposure.

23. Try to make the learning process as fun as possible; be it learning from movies, from playing games or conversing. It would be best if you stayed interested in mastering the language with useful vocabulary. You can use psychological techniques like Mnemonics to learn the words, but do not also forget repeatedly to use them in your day to day life.

24. Using the vocabulary of the language you want to learn in your daily life is critical. Conversing with people in the language you want to better, would help you become more confident and used to it.

For example; If you are an Indian working towards bettering your English, converse with your family and friends in the same language instead of your native language. It would boost your confidence and gear you up for using it with the rest of the people.

25. In case you are learning a language which most of the people known to you are clueless about, try making friends around the globe. It is a digital world, and hence it is not very difficult to get in touch with people 1000’s of km’s away.

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