Some Interesting Japanese Novel Series

Some Best Japanese Novel Series

In the west Japanese literature became popular rapidly. The authors wrote these books elegantly. With the popularity of literature, “America” and “Korea” started making Japanese novel-based series. Different series gained their popularity worldwide. Some are mentioned below.

“Oshin” Japanese Series

The gritty Japanese drama series “Oshin” captivated the world. The “Oshin” Japanese series is famous in “Japan,” but it is also worldwide.  The story is of a young girl who grows in the poor countryside. She faced many difficulties, but she was persistent. She achieved success and became the chairperson of the supermarket. Oshin appealed series to many people due to its determination to face difficulties. In her childhood, she got exchanged for a rice bag, and in the world war, she lost her son. Her husband suicide, but she didn’t quit. “Oshin” story gives a lesson “In hardships, never lose hope and face them by bravery and courage in life.”

MOZU Japanese Season1 “Mozu no Sakebu Yoru”

Mozu Series is based on the “Mozu no Sakebu Yoru” Japanese novel by “Go Osaka.” This story is about the bomb explosion incident in “Tokyo and Ginza” (Downtown). Many people in this incident lost their lives, and the police superintendent lost his wife in this explosion. In this story, “Osugi Ryota and Akeboshi Misa” started the investigation behind the incident downtown.

“Shogun” Japanese (TV Series) Dec 31st, 2020

The author of this novel is “James Clavell.” His novels were the most read in the twentieth century. This series is about the feudal system of Japan. In this series, they portrayed the collision of two men and a samurai female. There was an English sailor “John Blackthorne,” his ship was wrecked in Japan. This land culture and traditions were unknown to him.

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“Lord Toranaga” used him as a secret weapon for their rivals. Blackthorne met the president (council of Regents) of “Kawanto” in the castle for the negotiation. “Alvito” was an interpreter for this meeting. Blackthorne negotiated with Toranaga for the “black ship” (Blackship was used for trading with China). “Lady Marko” was the trainer of Blackthorne.

Blackthorne was prisoned to learn the history (Jesuits) and enemies of Toranaga. “Yabu” rescued the Blackthorne. Blackthorne believed that his ship was set to fire. “Mariko,” told him to make another ship. Toranaga started planning for war and became “Shōgun” after winning.

Overlord Season 4

The manga version of Overlord got a continuation which means that there should be an anime season 4. There has been no official confirmation of when there will be an anime Overlord season 4 or what it will be about, but given that the manga is still ongoing and it feels like the previous seasons left a lot to explore in the future game world. 

The previous season ended on a cliffhanger where Momonga is betrayed by one of his NPCs, Sebas Tian. However, none of that happened in chapter 47, when there is no betrayal at all.

Instead, it seems like something even more intense is about to happen but will have to wait until the next chapter. One of the most exciting parts of the manga is that Momonga wanted to know if he could bring back his NPC into the game, but Momonga remembers that he can’t because it is not possible anymore. Overlord seasons includes are “Overlord Season 1,” “Overlord Season 2,” “Overlord Season 3,” and “Overlord Season 4’’.

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Expected cast of Overlord season 4.

Satoshi Hino(Ainz Ooal Gown), Elizabeth Maxwell (Albedo), Chris Guerrero (Ains Ooal Gown), Yumi Hara (Albedo), Masayuki Kato (Demiurge), Jeff Johnson (Demiurge), Felecia Angelle (Shalltear Bloodfallen), Berangere Rochet (Lakyus).

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