5 Best Apps For Android To Share Large Files Instantly – Must Try Apps!

It is a time when everything we need is just one click away. We cannot simply forget how much technology means to us. There was a time when people never knew about mobile phones or their importance. But at present, it is rare to find a person who doesn’t have a mobile phone. When we look at mobile users in India, it is understood that Android users surpass iPhone users and with this read from TechiePlus can tell you the reason why? It is mainly due to the extraordinary functioning and user-friendly approach we get through the Android platform.

Android is considered to be the best platform when it comes to multitasking or creativity. The only negative part about android mobiles is their file transferring through Bluetooth. It takes a lot of time to even share a file of small size through Bluetooth. So one of the most important applications which should be present in the android mobile phone is a good file transferring application. The following are the five best apps for Android to share large files instantly.

  1.  Inshare – Share Apps & File Transfer

    InShare is the one-stop destination for those people who are longing to transfer large files and applications. It is a dream for every android user to have the best application for sharing large files at lightning speed. Five best apps for Android to share large files instantly definitely include InShare.

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Reasons to use InShare: 

  • Share or receive files at 40Mb/s
  • Offline sharing is enabled
  • The best platform for sharing large files
  • Will automatically reconnect if interrupted
  • Support every android mobile phone
  • Can be used to send photos, videos, PDF, applications, etc
  1. Files by Google

    Files by Google is one of the most popular Android applications used by people to share large files. People never have trust issues with the applications provided by Google. The reason why people trust applications from Google is due to their unbelievable working mechanism. Similarly, Files by Google helps people to share large files within no time. Five best apps for Android to share large files instantly definitely include Files by Google.

Reasons to use Files by Google:

  • File transfer at lightning speed up to 480 Mbps
  • The secure file transfer process
  • Doesn’tDoesn’t need a mobile network to transfer data
  • Can be used to share large files
  • Can transfer videos, large files, applications, etc 
  • Can receive large files instantly

Click here to install Files by Google for free

  1.  ShareMe – India’s #1 file sharing & transfer appShareMe – India’s  #1 file sharing & transfer app

    ShareMe is an android application for sharing large files with ease. This android application from Xiaomi has several positive reviews from its users. This is considered to be the best application for transferring files offline. The five best apps for Android to share large files instantly definitely includes ShareMe. 

Reasons to use ShareMe:

  • This is an ad-free application, which means nothing will interrupt or disturb while transferring files
  • Can transfer large files up to 50 Mbps
  • Easy to transfer
  • Can share files with an unlimited file size
  • Offline transferring of files is possible
  • Supports in every android mobile phone
  1.  JioSwitch – Transfer Files & Share It
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    JioSwitch is one of the recently released mobile applications from Reliance Jio. This application is available exclusively for Android users, which allows them to transfer files of unlimited size easily. 5 best apps for Android to share large files instantly definitely include JioSwitch.

Reasons to use JioSwitch:

  • Ad-free experience
  • Unbelievable transferring speed
  • Can share any files like photos, videos, PDF, applications, etc
  • Can share or receive files without any restrictions
  • Can transfer large files to iOS platforms too
  • Offline sharing is also available
  1. Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

    Send Anywhere is one of the most popular Android applications used by people to transfer files. This is one of the few android applications which became successful soon after its release. Most of the people depend on this android application for transferring files without losing their quality. The five best apps for Android to share large files instantly definitely include Send Anywhere.

Reasons to use Send Anywhere:

  • Can share files to many users at the same time
  • Files can be transferred without losing its original quality
  • The secure file transfer process
  • Can transfer almost every type of files like photos, videos, applications, etc
  • Can transfer large files at the shortest time
  • User-friendly application

Click here to install Send Anywhere for free.


  1. Do we have to turn on mobile data for transferring files?

It depends upon the applications you are using for transferring files. Almost every application which is mentioned above doesn’t require mobile data or Wi-Fi connection for transferring data.

  1. Are these android applications available for free? 
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Yes, most of these Android applications are available for free. But some applications have in-app purchases which you can purchase if interested.

  1. Can we transfer files between an android mobile phone with an iOS mobile?

Yes, with the help of the applications mentioned above, you can easily transfer files from android mobiles to iOS mobiles.

  1. Can we transfer a file that is more than 1 GB through these applications?

Yes, all these android applications which are mentioned don’t have any limitations on file size. Moreover, you can send these large files at lightning speed also. 

  1. Will there be any quality change in our file after transferring through these applications?

No, these five applications do not alter or damage the quality of your file while transferring.

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