Beginners guide to increasing online store sales

If you are thinking of starting an online store for your website, or you have established one already, the final aim is that you want it to add value to your clients and subsequently maximize the sales.

Well, if you are a beginner, you are lucky! This post outlines important ways you can make your online store more effective, improve customer satisfaction, increase conversions and maximize your sales. Read through to the end.

1.      Invest in SEO.

The goal for the search engine optimization of your online store is to get your product or service pages to appear on the first ten search results on search engines such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing. 

This way, you’ll attract more organic traffic to your page, which puts you in a better position to sell your products. According to Backlinko, products that appear as the number one organic search result are ten times more likely to get clicks than number 10.

2.      Leverage influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to accelerate your online sales. It allows you to create brand awareness, reach a wider customer base, and lets you work with content creators to make sales for you.

Influencers are like celebrities working as brand ambassadors for your store. You pay them through cash, free products, or discounts to sell your business to their audience.

3.      Put your products on marketplaces.

It is obvious that marketplaces are where most online shoppers go to first when they need anything. Online markets such as eBay and Amazon are accessed by millions of people globally and can make it easier for your product to gain visibility.

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Some people are highly hooked to shopping through marketplaces, and there is a high chance that they’ll purchase your product when they see it on the channel they trust. However, the only shortcoming of marketplaces is the hefty fees and other red flags to consider.

4.      Run pay-per-clicks.

PPC advertising is the primary model of a digital advert for both small and established online businesses. It is easy to scale, data-backed and has a good ROI. Usually, PPC adverts target digital ad channels, websites, search engines, and social media platforms.

PPC ads work well since they focus on ready-to-buy customers and can bring higher sales than organic searches.

5.      Upsell your products.

This is a sales method where you invite your customers to upgrade, purchase more items, or add complementary products to generate more sales. Although upselling often involves selling more profitable products, it also exposes clients to items they might need that they didn’t include in the cart, so they can come for them in the future.

A well-executed upselling campaign not only increases your sales but also boosts your future order sales. Once you expose customers to products they didn’t consider, you expose them to more options, hence increasing order satisfaction.

6.      Calls-to-action.

Just like a nice car without a strong engine won’t drive you far, an online store without a compelling call-to-action will not drive sales.

The most important place to place an effective call-to-action on an online business website is the purchasing stage, where you have the “add to cart” CTA. Make this button as accessible as possible to intrigue buyers’ interest in the early stages.

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Well, as a beginner in e-commerce, it is important to know the hacks that will drive traffic to your store, increase conversions and maximize sales. Above all, ensure you learn along the rope as the tips discussed herein are just the basics to get you started, there are more techniques that will make you established.


The digital advancements have led to the increase of online customers owing to their efficiency and convenience. If you are a beginner in e-commerce, follow the following steps to ensure you make your first sale and maximize the subsequent ones: invest in SEO, use influencer marketing, put your products on marketplaces, run a PPC campaign, and use call-to-actions.

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