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How You Can Save Money with Wave Internet

Good internet doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. You can get good internet and not have to empty your bank account for it. Although, this requires a bit of research on your part. However, if you are reading this article, then you don’t need to worry about that as we’ve already done that part. After comparison of different internet packages from different service providers, we have found a service provider offering reasonable and high-speed internet packages at an economical price.

Wave Internet offers services to people in three states situated on the West Coast. It serves over 140 cities and 600+ ZIP codes in Washington, Oregon, and California. Its footprint covers around 2 million Americans and has earned the trust of 455,000 residential and business customers. It delivers cable, fiber, and copper internet services with TV and home phone as well. The reason we have selected Wave Internet as an ISP with reliable and economic packages is because of its good reputation. Let’s discuss in more detail why we have made this decision.

Wave Internet packages

Let’s take a look at the packages and plans that Wave Internet has to offer.

Internet PackagesDownload speedData AllowanceAdded servicesBest forPrice
High-Speed 100100 Mbps400 GBFree TiVo Stream 4KORLocal TV at no added costSurfing/BrowsingGamingStreamingWork from homeSocial media$29.95/mo.(for first 12 months)
High-Speed 250250 Mbps500 GBFree TiVo Stream 4KORLocal TV at no added costStreaming HD videosMultiplayer online gamingVideo calls and meetingsSurfing/BrowsingSocial mediaLarge file sharing and backup$39.95/mo.(for first 12 months)
High-Speed GigUnlimited(conditions apply)Unlimited(conditions apply)Free TiVo Stream 4KORLocal TV at no added costStreamingSurfing/BrowsingWork from homeOnline schoolingSocial mediaLarge file sharing and backupOnline multiplayer gamingSmart devices$69.95/mo.(for first 12 months)

Keep in mind that the prices and features of the package might vary depending on your location. There is also the possibility that a speed tier may not be available in your area. You should always check these things with the local retail store near you before purchasing. 

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Now, although the promotional prices are only for the first year, they can help you save up a lot of money. After one year, the pricing for the services will go back to normal. Your local retail store will tell you what those prices may be. 

Wave Internet additional benefits

Wave Internet offers additional benefits in the form of renting modems and/or Wi-Fi extenders. The pricing and plans for that are as follows:

Modem onlyModemUp to $10/mo.(prices vary according to location)
Modem + Standard Wi-FiInternet Modem & Wireless RouterUp to $10/mo.(prices vary according to location)
Enhanced Wi-Fi + ModemModem, 1 Base Eero, and 1 Eero BeaconUp to $20/mo.(prices vary according to location)

As you can see from the table, Wave Internet offers users a modem on a rent basis for only a little amount. You can also opt for getting a modem and a router so that you can connect your phones to the internet as well. Moreover, in case you have a big home and you’re afraid the internet signals will not reach every room properly, you can get a modem and the Amazon Eero device. Amazon Eero is a Wi-Fi extender device that expands the range of internet signals in your home allowing everyone to use the internet smoothly from any room.

Additionally, Wave Internet also offers you to upgrade your internet data in case you need more than what’s offered in the plan.

Double your data

If you have purchased the High-Speed 100 or High-Speed 250 internet plan, and you feel like the internet data being offered is not enough for you, then you can double your data by paying an additional $10 or $15 per month, depending on where you live. That way, you won’t need to purchase a higher plan and go over your budget. This makes it completely affordable for you.

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Unlimited data

If you have purchased the High-Speed 100 or High-Speed 250 internet plan, and you want unlimited data for whatever reason, that is also possible. You’ll have to pay $20 or $25 per month along with a monthly internet bill and you have unlimited data now! There is no need to upgrade your plan and once again, you won’t have to go over your budget.

How to save money on your internet bill?

Now, that you know in detail about the plans and the benefits of Wave Internet, it’s time to talk about how you can save money on your internet bill. First and foremost, considering how inexpensive the plans are, you are already on your way to saving money. In case you want other tips, keep reading:

  • Bundle your services – Most ISPs offer bundles services to attract the customer but it doesn’t mean you are saving money with them. You should always compare and check the individual prices for the services and then the bundle price. Other ISPs offer money-saving bundles which can help you out. Some other ISPs don’t necessarily offer money-saving bundles, but they do add in a few extra benefits like free installation, a 30-day money-return guarantee, etc.
  • Make sure you are paying for the speed you need – Most often, people think they need higher internet speeds than they use and this ends up being a problem in the future. It is not that the ISP is going to cut off your internet or anything but eventually, the plan is going to leave a dent in your wallet. So, you should always make sure that you are not buying and paying for more than you need.
  • Compare prices – If you feel like you are not saving enough money or that your ISP is charging you a lot, you should look into other ISPs and their internet plans and bundles and compare the services and benefits for both. This will help you realize either of two things: You are, in fact, saving money with your current service provider as their plans are cheaper than others, or you found another service provider that is offering better plans and services than your current service provider so you switch.
  • Look out for discounts and promotions – Discounts don’t necessarily have to be advertised by the ISP and usually aren’t. They are mostly in the form of free installations, free trial periods, etc. Some ISPs, however, do advertise discounts and have them on special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. 
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Winding up, Wave Internet has been and will most probably continue to be a reasonable ISP that provides excellent internet, TV, and phone services. The reason for its popularity is not only because of high-speed internet but also because of its affordability. It is a great option if you are also living along the West Coast. However, if it is not available in your area, city, or state, you can find similar options of high-speed internet at a good price on BuyTVInternetPhone. Just click the link, then put in your area’s ZIP code and click search! Finding high-speed and affordable internet has never been easier!

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