How to Incorporate Illustrations into Your Web Design?

In today’s online design, graphic illustrations have grown commonplace. They can bring a unique branding element to a world of templates and corporate logos that is otherwise bland.

Although it was difficult to locate many websites searching for illustrators just five years ago, times have changed, and we’re on the verge of many new and interesting online design trends. Top New York web design companies now pay special attention to this aspect.

Illustrations of stunning background landscapes, branding animals and mascots, and even cartoon representations of writers and designers can be seen in web design portfolios all over the world. In the online design sector, web artists and branding experts have become a staple and are in high demand.

By looking at a few websites that use illustrations well, we’ve come up with a few tips for adding illustrations into your online designs.

What Is the Importance of Branding?

When creating a website, you want it to look and feel like a vital part of your business. The site must reflect your brand, whether that means merging an existing logo into the design or generating a memorable experience. You want to make sure that when people come to your site, they leave a lasting impression.

Illustrations aid in making a site memorable by bringing the page to life with an eye-catching graphic scene or vector artwork that adds a visual aspect that is unique to that site.

This demonstrates that you care about your brand and site enough to go to the work of including graphics, which are tough to design and execute well on the web. Let’s take a look at an SEO firm named ten24 Media as an example of how graphics may be used effectively to develop a brand identity. They use a background of a circus tent with a gorgeous skyline and open green fields to attract readers into the upper half of the web design.

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Creative wordplay inspired the use of circus tents as a prominent graphic feature. A summary of what they do is included on the website, as well as a link to their Services page.

All of these visual aspects contribute to the site’s overall vibe of innovation and pleasure.

Simple illustrations are effective:

Never underestimate the power of a well-drawn diagram. Overcrowding your design will frustrate your readers and have the opposite effect you desire. Fatburgr is a fun web application to use.

Simply perusing the site is enjoyable, and you can appreciate the cartoony elements of each section. The footer is also worth a few laughs. Imagine the attention to detail that went into creating such a website. Each item is easily identifiable, and you can see how it fits with the larger site design.

Maintaining content where it belongs will make it much easier for your viewers to understand what you’re trying to communicate. It’s crucial to have easy-to-read paragraphs with large font sizes and lots of spacing.

Adding Your Illustrations to the User Interface of the Site:

Make sure the site’s functions and the illustrations you use are in sync.  Forrst is an example of this, a new community for designers and developers to share code snippets and snapshots. Despite being in private beta, you can visit their homepage, which features a lush background of trees and woodland regions.

A brief description of the site is also included, as well as instructive signs set against a woodland backdrop. This all adds to the site’s ambience.

And if that wasn’t enough, you could call Forrst a visual inspiration. They do, however, push the usage of illustrations even further.

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A design like this can get quite intricate and will necessitate a wide variety of qualities. To learn software like Adobe Illustrator and generate this level of graphic work, could take years of experience, but they can be just the right touch in elevating your site design to the next level.

Never Use Illustrations for the Sole Purpose of Aesthetic Appeal:

It’s crucial to look good. But, because a web design is a useful product, adding design elements solely to dress up your site is the wrong mindset. All parts of your design, including the addition of beautifully detailed artwork, should serve a function and be important.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to site design, it’s always a lengthy process. Mastering the art of keeping your plans in line using checks and balances is a very useful talent to have. The examples above are merely basic notions, but larger concepts can be used to achieve incredible effects. However, the best practice is to hire a professional web design agency, such as Map-it Inc. When handled by experts, illustrations can add life to your website.

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