Streamlining Clinical Practice With Centricity EMR in 2024

What is Centricity EMR?

Centricity is a revolutionary EMR solution that changes the norms of healthcare practices. This vendor dived into the pool of hundreds of Cerner EMR solutions and made its mark on users’ minds with its innovative services. It serves a range of medical specialties with customized functionalities. 

The software is named Centricity based on the word “center.” This mere word has an extensive meaning. It illustrates the hidden concept of the vendor that is offering a centralized EHR solution for medical professionals. 

Also, it is associated with the work-life balance this vendor ensures in clinicians’ professional lives. It brings physicians back to life by simplifying task handling. It digitizes patient records and automates complex administrative processes to lessen the clinical workload. 

But before spending a considerable sum of money on a vendor, it’s essential to learn about its background history. So, instead of just sticking with what Centricity is now, let’s look at what it was. 

Centricity’s Origination

Centricity EMR is a reliable healthcare platform owned by GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare is a subsidiary of GE Electric Company that has been around since 1962. Been around for ages, the firm keenly analyzes the needs of consumers to convert them into solid technological features. 

In 2020, with its tiring years of continuous struggle, GE earned 33rd rank in the Fortune 500 largest companies. It has wrapped its finders around a series of medical -techs. Medical diagnostics, remote patient monitoring, medical imaging, disease research, and biopharmaceutical health technology come under its service category. 

Centricity being a part of such a colossal firm is a plus point for medical practitioners. GE links all its services across the care ecosystem to bread a beneficial environment for clinicians. GE and, specifically Centricity EMR accomplished a lot in the past few years. 

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Recently it scored the “Best in KLAS” reward for how it handles the needs of cardiologists. This software’s effort to help physicians brings the best out of medical practices. And it shows the company will reach unbeatable heights of glory real soon.

Streamlining Practices in 2024

The introductory passage of Centricity EMR software is enough to convince users about its efficiency. Undoubtedly, achieving streamlined workflow is a piece of cake with its bundle of intuitive features. Physicians just need to have a firm grasp over the software to make it happen. 

This high-quality but low-cost solution aligns all clinical processes to optimize medical procedures. By simplifying the administrative tasks, it fulfills its goal of cutting down the physician’s burden. The way Centricity EMR integrates all its services is a cherry on the top. 

The fact that it provides unlimited training resources and 24/7 customer support adds to its worth. Also, it charges no implementation cost and doesn’t even demand to sign lengthy contracts. Besides that, the software comes with an exclusive reporting and analysis tool. 

And the list goes on. This market-leading software has many more things in store that help streamline clinical processes. This ensures that it automates the tasks and handles them with utmost care to boost clinical productivity and effectiveness.

Centricity Demo

There is a worth-noting thing about this ERM we want all practitioners to know about. And it is presented in the demo of Centricity EMR. To learn what it is, stick with us for a little more. We’ll illustrate the concept in detail here. 

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Reduction in Clinical Errors

No medical practice can claim to have streamlined clinical tasks without eliminating the probability of errors. Even if care professionals look over the processes, again and again, there are still chances of human eye errors. And it is not tolerable in the healthcare field. 

Humans are made to make mistakes, and doctors are no exception. No one is perfect. But what matters is the steps they take to ensure no potential harm is done. There’s no room for the inability of EMR solutions and lack of communication in medical practices. 

Common Clinical Errors

For sure, clinicians cannot deliver top-class treatment if patients withhold information from them. For this, encouraging patient engagement is immensely crucial. Because it leaves doctors with half information, which hinders the creation of effective treatment plans. 

Other common errors clinical practices face are:

  • Miscalculation of claims leads to an increase in denials. 
  • Misinterpretation of performance reports
  • Imbalanced drugs prescription
  • Inaccurate diagnosis because lack of information

How does Centricity reduce clinical errors? 

Centricity demo shows how the vendor puts an end to all these miseries. First, it ensures patient engagement with its impressive range of tools like a patient portal, patient kiosks, etc. On top of that, it offers a full kit for processing and submitting claims, ensuring a minimal denial rate. 

Its reporting module not only creates detailed reports but also analyzes them afterward. It gives quality insights to practitioners. About e-prescription, it sends alerts for misfit drug prescriptions and also identifies unpleasant drug reactions like allergies. 

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Reviews of Centricity EMR

The Centricity EMR reviews help physicians predict how their life will be with this robust system. It enables them to picture the best and the worst-case scenario they might face. And the rightest way to do so is to analyze the reviews thoroughly. 

What users like most about it is its pre-build documentation tabs. Its deployment is effortless, and customer support is to the point of care. It works in a smooth flow, reducing the number of clicks. 

Cost of Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR costs nothing more than average healthcare solutions. This affordable system offers affordable pricing plans according to what we gather from the reviews of Centricity EMR. But the actual cost is not disclosed by the Centricity EMR yet. 

However, the platform has made it clear that its demo is free of cost. Also, its pricing package includes the training videos and resources along with the implementation videos. This all-inclusive nature of the vendor makes it a budget-friendly option. 

Wrap Up:

And this is how Centricity EMR software streamlines the overall workflow of medical practices. It reduces medical errors, maximizes revenue, and minimizes clinical costs. The reviews of Centricity EMR also support it from above and beyond. 

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