Top 10 Amazing Escape Rooms in the USA

Sometimes you feel bored of visiting the same old parks and luxurious restaurants? Don’t feel anymore! An escape room would satisfy your longing desires. But What is an escape room? An escape room is an immersive entertainment with energetic games and puzzles. Escape rooms follow a mind-blowing approach of separating people in a closed space that can actually bewilder even the thrill-seekers. The thought of escape room games is now a popular pastime plan all over the USA. Many companies have begun to develop their new ideas to gear up something adventurous and fun-packed for people.

You and your team would have to endeavor to escape from the room within an hour to complete your goal. The themes may belong to various genres such as thriller, crime, fantasy, and mystery. Keeps your fingers crossed and explore every corner of the room. Even a tiny spot on the walls may help you to find the knack of the hidden secret behind the plot. Search for hints, similar patterns, or something that doesn’t sync. Everything inside the room may possibly be a clue and a mystery waiting to be unveiled. Every minute inside the room will leave you stunned. Read further to know more about the best escape rooms in the USA.

1. Architect Escape Room, Reseda, Los Angeles

Architect Escape Room is a spectacular escape room established in 2017. It is known as the top escape room in the USA. It was created by a group of people associated with innovative and theatrical experience and a background in corporate team-strengthening projects and start-ups. With extensive research and discussion, the inventors have designed this inventive world to provide you an engaging as well as a thrilling experience. The company gives various services like bartending and catering and a few exciting programs in their expensive and luxurious lounge. The VIP patio lounge provides interesting magic shows and special exhibits to the players. The special entertainment area inside their premises offers customized experiences.

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2. Mastermind escape games, Florida:

Mastermind Escape Games was established in 2015. Jennifer and her family is the business owner of this escape room. Currently, the escape company has set up shops in various locations. It is an excellent spot for thrill-seekers as all their rooms have an adventurous storyline. The company offers special discounts for large groups and corporate teams and during the weekdays and festive times. They offer team-building training to improve the bond and communication between the employees.

3. Code Red Escape Room, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Code Red Escape Room is one of the best escape room in the USA, was established in 2018. It is the first escape room brand to set up a shop in the Chambersburg area. The company offers escape rooms and provides an ax-throwing experience along with novel and original themed escape games. They have a huge party hall with large conference tables and buffet tables, making it perfect for all parties and corporate events. The Special party room is decorated with unique hand-crafted props and decors. The venue measures over

7,000 square feet in space with capacious parking. Most of their games are based on the sci-fi genre. It is a fun spot to visit with family and friends.

4. Xcapade Entertainment, Hayward, California

Xcapade Entertainment was established in 2015. Chentao W, a marketing specialist, is the business owner of this escape room. Tao’s ultimate aim is to create life-like escape rooms using modern technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. This mesmerizing escape room holds a massive record of attracting over 16,500 escapees every year, a goal that very few brands have accomplished! They also offer multiple rooms, from entertaining and recreational to challenging and mind-bending with creative puzzles and clues.

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5. Texas Panic Room, Austin, Texas

Texas Panic Room, also called the Austin Panic Room, was established in 2014. After establishing up a shop in London, the owner was deeply inspired and motivated by the response from the audience. So he planned to start his own company in Austin. The escape brand has also set up its shops in multiple places throughout the USA. Players can avail the gift cards and gift coupons to share the thrill of escaping with their loved ones. Get ready to escape from this scintillating room!

6. Escape Games At The River, California

Escape Games At River was established in 2016. This family-friendly escape room is the first escape brand to set up a shop in Rancho Mirage.

Most of their rooms have a historical and fictional theme. The immersive storyline would transport you to an alternate reality. This escape room is open for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, and community. They also offer a free wi-fi facility within their bases. The escape brand offers portable escape rooms in movable containers to deliver fun and thrill to your doorstep. Are you excited about a fun-filled experience? Book now at Escape Games At the River!

7. Deadlock Escape Room, Stamford, Connecticut

Deadlock escape room was established in 2017. Lindsay M is the business owner of this escape room. With an aim to share her own love for puzzles and problem solving, Lindsey started the Deadlocked Escape Rooms to provide the people of Stamford a unique way to enjoy together and involve themselves in this mysterious ambiance. The escape brand offers different rooms with unique themes and storylines. The company also gives gift cards and coupons to bestow your family and friends’ fun and thrill.

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8. Twiisted Riddles Escape Room, Goodyear, Arizona

Twiisted Riddles Escape Room was established in 2019. Jason Bach is the business owner of this escape room. Jason had an unending passion for escape rooms right from his childhood. Later, he opened up this escapade in memory of his daughter and grandson, who had died in a car accident. His aim is to give the most pleasing

experience in order to build teammates and colleagues into enduring friendships. The brand attracts thousands of players every year due to its exciting games. Book now at this impressive escape room!

9. Puzzle Theory, South Windsor, Connecticut

Puzzle Theory was established in 2016. Nicholas Toth is the business owner of this escape room. He started this escape room with a passion for fun and a mind for solving puzzles. His goal was to share the excitement of escaping from a room with his community and friends. The escape brand offers a variety of rooms with different themes and storylines. Are you up for an adventure? Book now at this escape room South Windsor!

10. Ruse escape room, Greeley, Colorado

In our top 10 USA escape rooms list, Ruse Escape Room is last which was established in 2017. Christine A and her Family are the business owners of this brand. Christine’s family always loved watching historical movies. Substantially, they developed an interest in historical adventures and decided to open their own escape room. Most of their rooms have a historical and authentic storyline. Book now for some traditional adventures!

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