How to Smartphones Influence Kids’ Behaviour

Technology has brought so much change in the world. As we speak, millions and millions of human beings are relying on the internet, a product of tech, to get everything done. The baby boomers might not understand tech, but our Millenials and the newer generations are tech gurus. But is this ‘all-knowing’ technology a blessing or a curse when it comes to child development? Well, let’s find out.

Kids with smartphones
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Today, kids have also become avid smartphone users. It’s no coincidence because we adults always have these devices on our hands 90% of the time. They, too, want to be part of the action. 

Inevitably as time goes by, kids and technology become inseparable. Thus we shall be looking into how this new technology plays a role in how they behave. 

Let’s get started, but before we do so, kindly note that we will divide the influence of technology among kids into two- the good and the bad. Now, let’s begin.

The good

Acts as an educational platform

In the early years of a child’s life, you have to utilize every avenue possible to expose your child to education. You want them to speak, learn a language and even say the alphabet, and mobile phone technology gets this done. By downloading educational videos and sounds, your child will develop a passion for learning from an early stage.

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Trains their digital literacy

Technology is always evolving, with smartphones on the frontline. When our kids get a hold of them, they get acquainted with the system pretty fast. Since schools nowadays use technology in the classroom through computers, your kid gets early tuition. Not only will they know to operate them but will also understand how they work, are built, and enhanced.

Helps develop their interpersonal skills

In the world today, social media is the talk of the town. It has become the hub of all the information that is relied upon in the world. Before the news gets to the media houses, it has already made rounds on social media. With that said, our children get to learn a valuable lesson in using new technology to find out what is what and even learn how to communicate with other people over the internet. It, however, requires parental supervision all the way.

Could inspire a child’s future aspirations

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Kids are curious beings. They always want to know what is what and how things work. And so, your child might be holding a smartphone and getting inspired to get to the point of making one themselves. Here is one great thing. Without knowing it, we are inspiring software developers and computer scientists. The future technology is basically in their hands.

Develop a sense of urgency

What do we use our smartphone mostly for? To communicate, right! Now picture this, you, unfortunately, get a stroke and can barely move—quite a scary scenario. You have no one else but your toddler. Through simple instruction, you can prompt them to call the police to come to your rescue. With smartphone technology, they will know what to do when things hit the fan.

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The Bad

They develop addictive behavior

When a child is always glued on a smartphone screen, they become dependant it—making it possible for them to develop addictions at an early stage. This behavior will trickle down and spread to all other areas of their lives. To know when it has gotten to this point, your child will rain havoc on you with a world-class tantrum when you take the device from them.

Robs them time to get physical

Technology for kids is all fun and games until you notice your child chubbier than average. They cannot run without panting, and their clothes breaking on the hems. If they are on the phone most of the day, then that smartphone is robbing them of some valuable physical time to exercise.

Attention deficits

You call them they don’t answer. Why? They are glued on their smartphones. Quite unfortunate, but it is true. It can get too bad that you find your teenager watching something on their phone while they brush their teeth with a baby toothbrush. Their concentration span is distorted, and they are always distracted, looking for instant gratification, not paying attention to the essential things in their lives.

They develop poor personal and inter-personal habits

Kids and technology
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These same smartphones might indeed be the reason they got to talk in an articulate, precise accent. Still, without moderation, it could turn sour. Kids who are always fixated on smartphones develop poor habits. They cannot maintain eye contact while communicating, are always fidgety, and can fail to pass on the message as they should. Also, their inter-personal habits may be disrupted. Such as not knowing how to relate with their peers or anyone for that matter. Social isolation is one very notable dark side of new technology.

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They are less imaginative

As aforementioned, kids are very curious creatures. Which means that a majority of the time they are in their minds imagining things. But a smartphone can limit this train of thought through instant gratification. When they want to find something out, they search it. It makes them lazy and unwilling to go the extra mile to get more info or practically getting their hands dirty to find out more.


Science and technology go hand in hand in how it influences the behavioral habits of our youngsters. As seen, there is both the good and the bad. Parents are urged to expose their kids to new technology but with moderation. Well, now that you know of this, spread the news further and help raise responsible members of society. You have nothing to lose. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about smartphones’ effects on kids.

Betti Wilson

A mom wrote this piece. Betti Wilson only wants the best for her kids as they use smartphones in their daily lives. So she shared this knowledge with other parents so that they know what is happening when their kids use technology.

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