Lifetime free credit cards with cashback schemes offer

You can have a lot of advantages with a credit card. However, when it comes to paying the annual fees on your credit card, the same advantages turn into disadvantages. When you are doing minimum spending on your credit card, the annual fees eventually becomes a burden. Know about some of the best lifetime free credit cards that offer various cashback schemes.

The concept of lifetime free credit card

Also known as a zero annual fee credit card or no annual fee credit card, this card offers various benefits, including the wavering of annual fees or joining fees.

Features and benefits of lifetime free credit card

Some of the features include:

  • No annual fees
  • High cash withdrawal limit
  • Excellent dining and travel credit
  • Fuel surcharge waiver
  • Reward points with every transaction

Eligibility criteria

The criteria for age differs for each card provider. For the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you should be between 25 years to 65 years of age with a regular source of income. You can also be self-employed to receive a credit card.

Application process

If you want to get a lifetime free credit card, you need to look for various credit card offers. Once you find the right card, you can apply offline or online. You can physically visit the bank to apply for your credit card by providing the needed documents and correctly filling up the application form.

If you want to apply online, you have to visit the financial institution’s official website and browse through the ‘Credit Card’ section. Once you choose a no-fee credit card, you will be able to apply for a credit card that can provide you with various cashback schemes. You must check for the eligibility criteria before choosing your credit card.

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If you pass the eligibility criteria, you can start filling out your application form with the required details; you need to be cautious to provide the correct details. Once done, you can submit the duly filled form and wait for your credit card.

With a whole lot of credit cards, you can somehow become disillusioned. But out of the variety of credit cards, make sure you choose one that helps you most with your lifestyle. With the help of a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card, you can get the best cashback schemes.

Summary: The best part of a lifetime free credit card is that you don’t have to pay the annual maintenance fee or joining fee. Credit card companies do not tend to charge for any transaction fees. You can use the credit card services without paying any extra charges. Moreover, whenever you make any purchase with your credit card, you do not have to provide any extra charge that generally gets levied on the credit card.

The lifetime free credit card also provides a variety of travel benefits. You can also use it while travelling overseas. For instance, some credit card companies offer air miles conversion on specific airlines. But you need to pay attention to whether you need to pay any overseas banking charges if you are making any foreign transaction. You have to speak to the banking institution or read their terms and conditions and the policies to know about it. 

In addition to that, it is always advised that you use your credit card, especially the cashback credit cards, for any big-ticket purchase. The cashback will get credited into your account within five working days as you make the purchase. However, you might be confused about whether you need to get a cashback credit card even if you have a rewards credit card. You can consider getting a cashback credit card even if you have any kind of reward credit card. Ensure that you have the right eligibility criteria for getting a lifetime free credit card.

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