What is Magento? & Why It is most Popular for Developing eCommerce Website

When any business owner wants to start with something new, he expects to get huge fame and countless profit returns. Every entrepreneur has a goal to have a well-established and unconquerable brand. And to achieve this goal, what better than owning a website or application that reaches millions of people and brings many different opportunities for the business.

Out of all the digital options, eCommerce is one best as it is the fastest-growing business platform. Having an eCommerce business can be a smart move for any entrepreneur. And when it comes to hiring a team that can help in achieving this goal by developing an exceptional eCommerce site, the majority of the business owners go with the Magento development team. And if the entrepreneurs don’t have an idea about Magento, the eCommerce development company they hire, offers Magento as the best option for their site. Here, in this blog, we will see why Magento has become so popular when it comes to eCommerce websites.

What is Magento?

Magento is one of the best platforms with built-in PHP. It is a platform that helps developers in creating eCommerce websites. Magento came into life on March 31, 2008, by Varien. It was developed on the Zend Framework. To date, there are more than hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs who have used this open-source platform to start their online store. Some of the big companies that have used Magento in building their eCommerce sites are Nike and Samsung.

In 2018, Magento was acquired by Adobe with a price of $1.68 billion. This acquisition has helped Magento become popular in the market. As per Litextension’s in-house data, in the year 2020, Magento was one of the top three platforms that businesses migrated to. Magento is a platform that has been listed as 1 of 10 popular eCommerce platforms worldwide in the year 2021 by Techliance.

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10 Reasons Magento is the Best Choice for eCommerce Website Development

Here are the top reasons behind Magento being so popular and so successful in the market –

  1. Very Affordable

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most significant factors to be considered while picking an eCommerce website builder. When you are searching for an affordable and quick online business platform, Magento is an extraordinary option to choose from. Magento is a website development platform that is reasonable as its cloud hosting feature brings down the expense of website development, maintenance, and monitoring of the online business. It has been noticed that that website development completely depends on the demographic area, features, and functionality. And one can get all these things with Magento.

  1. Popularity of Magento Community

When we talk about the community that Magento has to offer, the list goes very long as it has a broad network of software engineers, devoted developers, project managers,  bloggers, programmers, and more. If any web developer around the globe faces any issue, he can contact the Magento community members to get the perfect solution and instant support. There are more than 360,000 experts in this community, they are well prepared in giving legitimate support and fixes to a specific issue.

  1. Multiple Website Management

Usage of the multi-store on a web-based business is the best choice. So, if you are a business owner who wants to have an exclusive multi-store strategy for the online business website, ask your development team to work on Magento as it is supported by numerous organizations for a multi-store execution. It offers a simple and quick way to implement a multi-vendor store feature. Besides this, it is a time-saving process that provides the easiest eCommerce app development solutions.

  1. Open-source Development Platform

Magento is one of the most used free and open-source platforms that allow online sellers to customize their Magento website as per business requirements. If you choose the correct Magento Web Development company that has experienced and certified developers then you can easily get their guidance in creating an advanced Magento website. They can implement Magento plugins and modules on your online business store and can provide such a website that offers the latest functionalities.

  1. Hosting Options
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Magento is a platform that doesn’t force the organizations to stay with the hosting that comes with it but instead, it allows the eCommerce store to pick any hosting as per the business requirements and the budget. Besides this, with Magento, online business owners can have a complete hold on their records and they have an option where they can choose the hosting service that they require.

  1. Highly Secure

When your business undergoes high traffic and extreme transactions like payment information, or personal data, your eCommerce website becomes the biggest attraction for crackers and hackers. But one good thing about the Magento platform is that with every new version, this platform offers more security features that enable the business owners to secure their client’s data.

  1. Stability

Magento is an eCommerce development platform that is architected to offer stability and scalability to both startups and large organizations. With this platform, companies get the flexibility that enables them to fulfill all the business requirements for the online business platform. There are numerous agencies in the market that postpone their plan to convert their business e-Store into Magento, as they want it to go live on the latest version of Magento. The reason behind this is that as new versions of Magento come by, it brings more stability to the eCommerce store. 

  1. SEO Friendly Business Solution

Magento is a well-known platform because of its SEO-friendly nature. It offers a top position to your business store as compared to other web-based business solutions. Magento platform is equipped with some amazing features like SEO-friendly URL structure, descriptions, sitemaps, and more. With Magento, the business websites get a perfect combination of SEO plugins and extensions that can help them rank higher. Besides this, it empowers the business website with better Google rankings. 

  1. Third-party Integration
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Magento is a platform that provides easy coordination with numerous third-party online business services. The third-party integration services include order tracking, payment gateways, transportation, shipping, and more as features. Besides this, Google tools like Google Analytics and Google Checkout are in-built into this platform. These Google tools help the business owners in examining the performance of their Magento website. 

Magento eCommerce development platforms are used by various business owners and it helps in taking expert decisions for the MSME organizations. Other than this, Magento also offers support and staggering features that can beat well-known eCommerce solutions, like WooCommerce and Shopify. All in all, Magento is a complete solution that helps in creating an authentic, successful, and reliable online store that showcases your brand value.

  1. Mobile Experience

In the current times, where everyone wants to shop online to save time. All these online shoppers use mobile phones to make orders. For this reason, the online business store must be built up with mobile device feasibility. And all this is possible with the use of Magento as it supports HTML 5 which improves the shopping experience for mobile device users. Besides this, Magento has got its popularity because of the best themes that it offers to the mobile eCommerce platform.


As seen in this blog, Magento is the best choice for the eCommerce business. It helps the online business stores to perform multiple tasks and adapt to new changes. As it is an adaptable platform, it makes sure the proficiency of the online business store. So whoever is looking to have an online store, can hire the best Magento team who have expertise in web development and can help in creating a successful business site.

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