Cloud Based Application Vs Desktop Based Application

Are you aware of a web app? For getting a product of your ideas do you need assistance and guidance? Many people are taking interest in it. But it can not be always true that for creating these applications you possess all the technical expertise. Normally the help of the experts is not taken by most of the people in this case. Instead, they may take an interest in the web application development company for this.

If you do not have so much money for developing the apps and you want to build a few apps for your trade then it will be a better idea to go to a cloud-based application development company.

Now a question arises whether you need a web app or a cloud-based app? We can answer it by describing the cloud app.

What is meant by cloud-based applications?

A cloud-based app is just like an app of a website but for accessing it you do not need a web browser. It can be used on the internet for using the services that are available online. In an offline mode also the operating of cloud data can take place and this data will help in the functioning of cloud-based apps. If we combine the traditional desktop applications and standard web applications then the result can be cloud-based applications. These apps are more beneficial to the people using these because they give very good services and these can be updated very easily. Different service providers are taking the help of web browsers to provide you this app and it is multi-tenant and customizable. An app that is built after customization can be accessed alternatively by a web interface. Huge storage spaces are not required for operating these apps.

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Cloud applications have some features and these are:

1.A mobile phone or a desktop system having an internet connection can be used for installing customized apps and then a web browser on these devices can be used for accessing the cloud apps.

2.An infrastructure that looks like a cloud can be used for storing the cloud apps’ data.

3.Different data centers are used for storing the data associated with business and user data. If the mode is offline then local caching of the data is also possible.

4.Computing cycles that are on-demand, storage and platforms of application development are the various services that can be accessed by these apps.

What is meant by web-based apps?

An internet connection is required for accessing the web-based apps and its basic communication protocol is HTTP. A web browser is required for accessing these apps. Also, if a web application has to be developed by you then you need to combine Adobe Flash, HTML on the client-side and PHP, ASP on the server-side. The user’s desktop can be used for installing the web application if the app is client-based. If word processors, spreadsheet applications and flash games are present on the internet only then we can complete the processing of web-based apps.

Web-based applications have some features and these are:

1.There is only one center for storing business processes and user data.

2.A web browser is needed for accessing the web apps.

3.Infrastructure systems of back-end can be used for installing the components of a web server and these components serve as a basis for web-based apps.

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4.Application’s part can be accessed by each user.

5.The scalability and availability are limited with these apps.

Web applications can of various types:

1.Web apps that are static – HTML and CSS are used in these apps and by nature these are not flexible. Banners, GIFs and videos can be displayed in these apps.

2.Web apps that are dynamic – A web-browser is used for running client-server solutions which are dynamic web apps and are complicated also. If Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter are accessed through dynamic web apps then a different content is displayed as compared to static apps.

3.Web apps based on portal – Here the hompage’s categories can be used and accessed by the users which are using these apps. Forums, chats, web browsers, email are included in these apps and these are like dynamic web apps.

Cloud apps can be of various types:

1.SaaS (Software as a Service) – These are full-functioning applications and these cloud apps are most popular. Freelancers and SMBs are some big corporations that are targeted by these apps. Wix, Hubspot, Wrike and CRM are its examples.

2.PaaS (Platform as a Service) – Several solutions can be built by the users on the computing platform and infrastructure provided by these apps. Several apps require cloud solutions to be deployed, collaborated, tested, and developed by businesses using PaaS. Rackspace Cloud Sites, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure are its examples.

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