6 Awesome Spotify Tips and Tricks

Spotify has one of the top music-streaming services and has millions of downloads worldwide because of its beautiful and soothing outlook, excellent features, and user-friendly interface. It has both a free and paid version, and both of these versions include awestruck features in them. You can download the songs and listen to them offline if you purchase the premium and if you are not in the mood to purchase the premium, you can give a shot to spotify downloader and relish the music without interruption.

Though most music streaming applications are used to hear our favorite songs, still, this particular application can be used to do a lot more work than just listening to online music.

Spotify has a lot of features in it, and probably you know most of it. But to become a real pro user of Spotify and to identify the unknown tips and tricks of this application, check out its top 6 features below, which will help you to use it more efficiently and more different from others. 

So, let’s check them out :

  1. Make your Listening or Recording Sessions Private 

:Though Spotify has a great feature of sharing songs online through Spotify and Facebook, still at some point in time, we want to keep it a secret. So Spotify has this feature too. 

To make your Activity private or to make your playlist private, the first tap on the three dots and then tap on the option ‘Make Secret.’ You can also make any of your playlist public or closed just by changing its Privacy Settings.

  1. Sing with Spotify Karaoke :
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Spotify provides an in-built karaoke feature for the karaoke fans, which helps the singers to sing along with the background music even if they don’t know the lyrics. To get to this feature, tap on the ‘Lyrics’ option on the right bottom corner of the app while playing your favorite song. 

This is a great hidden feature of Spotify that shows the Lyrics of the song, which helps you to sing along with the karaoke music even if you don’t know the lyrics.

  1. Smart Search feature :

Here you get to know about another great feature of Spotify. It’s never hectic for the users even if they don’t know the name of the song. 

The ‘Smart Search’ feature of this app helps you to find songs just by searching the year or range of years in the search box. You can also put the genre or labels or any other information on the song without particularly knowing the name of the song.

  1. Restoring your Deleted Playlists in seconds :

If someone deletes your playlist or if you ever mistakenly delete your saved playlist, then you can recover them just by some click. First, you need to head towards the Spotify Web, that is, accessing your Spotify account through a web browser. Then by clicking on the ‘Options,’ below, you will find ‘Recover Playlists.’ By tapping on that option, you can quickly get back your saved playlists, which were deleted by mistake.

  1. Drag & Drop Songs to Store and Share using Links :

Spotify has a unique feature of ‘Drag & Drop’ with the help of which we can easily share songs or save them wherever we want. No need to download it and then attach it for sharing our favorite songs to others.

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Whenever you want to share any song with others through E-mail or WhatsApp or Facebook, drag and drop the song in the chat-box, and Spotify will automatically create a link for the song. The receiver needs to tap on the link, which will get them to Spotify and play the song. 

  1. Connect your Spotify Account with Shazam

Shazam has the feature by which you can connect it with both Spotify and YouTube. So with this feature, you can easily connect it with Spotify and which will enable you to import Shazam songs to Spotify. 

Shazam helps to identify the songs according to our preferences, and while playing a song, it represents the song from Spotify. This can be enabled by tapping on ‘Spotify’ on the drop-down menu while playing our favorite song.

With so many unique and fresh features, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming applications. It is not only used for listening to your favorite songs. Still, it can also be for karaoke, drag and drop feature, smart search feature, producing private, and public playlists and also the coolest feature is that there is no tension if someone deletes my saved favorite playlists, we can quickly get them back by accessing the application through the web.

Every application has its pros and cons, but with Spotify, you can always get the best out of it. And we are here to help you to make you a real master user of Spotify with which you can get your maximum output with very little input.

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