What is Big Data Analytics and Why Big Data Analytics is Essential

Big Data Analytics is one of the toughest processes in scrutinizing big data to acquire precise information essential for an organization to make business decisions. In this digital era, Data is a nitty-gritty to attain insights that are useful for business. Numerous megacorps are utilizing Big Data without any doubts. Big data Analytics is highly-efficient and robust which makes tech giants utilize this technology for business growth. 

Retail: Big Data Analytics can be used with real-time streaming to boost retail interactions. E-commerce retailers have large amounts of data flowing in daily, and analyzing all data instantly will help process different actions at a faster pace. Enterprises can make use of a Kafka gradle build to process the various categories of data from retail services and make appropriate decisions after analyzing them. By using Kafka, it will be possible to handle large data loads at low latency, which is also beneficial for Big Data analytics. Kafka’s open-source and highly customizable nature makes it possible to meet data needs in retail for a Kafka consumer.

Big Data Analytics is an integral way to find blooming opportunities which in turn results in high profits. Get to know why Big data Analytics is efficient and essential by reading below. 

Why Big Data Analytics is Essential?

Reduces cost: When it comes to cutting costs, technologies like Hadoop and cloud analytics are the best to save huge data and exclusive opportunities for business operations. 

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Robust: New and evolving Big data technologies pave the way to analyze the data faster than you can actually imagine. The information can be examined in no time and make better decisions at a fast pace. 

Improvements: Big Data Analytics helps in understanding the customer’s requisites with which the organizations can improve their strategy and try a new approach. 

Industries that are benefited by Big Data Analytics 

  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

These industries have witnessed an immense development of Big Data Analytics in each and every field. Though there are several industries that make use of Big Data Analytics, an impact has been created in the above sectors, especially banking. Moreover, educational sectors have been utilizing Big Data Analytics for several purposes. Organizations can also create new products with the insights acquired from Big Data Analytics. 

Big Data Analytic tools 

  • Whether it is small or medium datasets, business analytics is quite difficult sans sophisticated tools. The tools developed for Big data analytics service provider will be able to manage a huge amount of big datasets and the tools will handle different data types uniquely. With the tools, you can analyze data amassed over the past few years and it is effortless to store heterogeneous data types as well. 
  • A few tools make the work easier for data engineers and scientists by enabling automation to perform data cleaning. 
  • When your business size increases, it is often difficult to track sales and data. However, Big data analytics tools will also be the solution to this issue. 
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Get to know about the highly-efficient Big Data Analytics tools 

The growth of Big Data Analytics is scalable in several sectors, so are the tools. Check out the best Big Data Analytics tools and their features.

  • Apache Storm is one of the best analytic tools which supports all programming languages and also includes real-time computation capabilities. There are several features like horizontal scalability, real-time analytics, machine learning, and processes one million 100B messages in a second. 
  • Talend is yet another Big Data tool that makes it easier to automate Big Data integration. Real-time acceleration, increased speed, multiple data sources handling and Agile DevOps are the features incorporated in this extremely efficient Big Data tool.
  • With Apache Spark, you will be able to execute the application in the Hadoop cluster at a fast pace. You can accomplish high-speed processing and complex analysis is also supported. You can also integrate it with Hadoop and current Hadoop data. 

There are numerous tools available out there and many industries have relied on special tools for executing Big Data Analytics. 

Big Data Applications in real-time 

Tracking location 

Location Analytics has been used by the logistic concerns to track and report. When Big Data came into the picture, it is easy to collect data such as traffic and weather. Above all, it is possible to determine the best possible routes to commute. 


Hospitals will certainly enhance their services by continuously supervising the patients and their needs. 

Commercial purposes 

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or any digital platforms, tracking user and their interactions is done automatically. Whether it is advertising or running campaigns, Big Data provides a better picture of the audience to the advertisers. Several organizations use different algorithms with the help of Big Data Analysis tools. 

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From the financial market to environmental protection, Big Data can be utilized in a wide gamut of applications for sure. 


Banking has also required Big data’s assistance to reduce risks and fraud as an early warning can be availed. Above all, the Securities Exchange Commission is making use of Big Data with an aim to monitor the financial market with the help of technologies like Network analytics and NLP. By this, the illegal trading activity can be caught red-handed

 Big Data analytics has been helping several industries and the evolution of Big Data is not going to conclude anytime now. It is essential to utilize Big Data Analytics to contend in these cut-throat industries. 

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