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The Ultimate Guide For Mobile SEO

People use their smartphones for every task they do, hence all the websites must also be mobile-friendly. Mobile SEO is more necessary to reach more customers and satisfy their requirements. In this blog we have detailed about, “The Ultimate guide for mobile SEO”. These points will definitely help to optimize your web page to make it SEO friendly.

What Is Mobile SEO 

Mobile SEO helps visitors to get the best experience for the mobile websites, they help to load the page faster without any interruptions and provide exact results that visitors look for. It is always necessary for a user to get flawless mobile experience. Mobile SEO is an important aspect that helps customers to find about anything at any place and at any time. Mobile traffic is becoming more popular than desktop traffic, many people’s lives are driven by my mobile phone only. Hence it is necessary to know about mobile SEO. 

Google has clearly understood the importance of Mobile SEO and has announced the mobile-first index during the year 2016, In 2019 Google adapted the mobile-first index. The mobile-first index is that Google ranks your website based on the mobile version. Googlebot will help you to determine the website performance, content quality, and user experience, this will help to get ranked higher. 

How To Improve Mobile SEO 

Mobile SEO is similar to regular SEO, it is that your website is easily accessible to others and reachable. First you need to know about your website, know the performance, what visitors search for. People don’t search for things that they search using a desktop, the search keyword varies hence it is necessary to optimise according to the mobile search. 

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 Mobile SEO Tools 

Google Search Console helps to optimise the web pages, this will help you to know about the website performance. Google search analytics helps to find the keywords that are mostly used by visitors in both mobile, desktop and also helps to concentrate on the web page to make you travel in the right path. URL inspection that is present in search console helps to know how Googlebot look at your webpage content, when it throws error then you need to modify your content. 

 Mobile Usability Tool 

The mobile usability errors you can find in the Google search console, this will help you find website performance and indicates when your post and page does not follow Google’s mobile SEO rules. The other tools that can be used for mobile SEO are Google mobile friendly test, Rich results test, Lighthouse, Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ryte, ScreamingFrog and SimilarWeb.

Improve Website Speed 

One major factor for mobile SEO is improving website speed. PageSpeed Insights helps to know exactly how fast the page is loaded in both mobile and desktop, also they provide suggestions to improve the speed. The Speed report in the search console helps to know about the content quality.

User Experience 

The mobile sites must deliver the best user experience, always look for customer requirements, what they search for. Make the website that is compatible for users, make your font size that is readable, provide your contact details to reach you easily, make the web page clickable, offer sub-menu.

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Local Optimization 

Users always use smartphone searches to find location that is nearby. SEO Expert will help to rank higher in the Local searches and which is very important for Local Business. Google has found that 76% people searched for business nearby in a day, and 28% visitors lead to sale. To satisfy users then work on local SEO to find the nearby searches. To improve mobile SEO then the website must contain local location oriented content, offer local links, Google my business, offer review space, provide photos, contact details, WordPress plugins. 


The webpage that has been created must provide user-friendly experience in both mobile and desktop view. The blog has detailed about the ultimate guide for mobile SEO, that will help to optimise the page for mobile optimisation. The technology growth has made everything simpler using this mobile SEO you can achieve the ranking.

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