Everyday Men’s Fashion Doesn’t Need More Than One or Two Main Elements!

What do you think of when you see a top hat? Most people relate this to steampunk fashion or aesthetics. Achieving a steampunk look can be easy with dark, rich colors, such as burgundy, black, and navy. Then, details like buckles and fabrics can also be critical. Some recommend mixing and matching different styles for an impact. For example, imagine adding Victorian-inspired pieces with modern clothing. And finally, a top hat can be that perfect touch to your steampunk outfit. While this style is fantastic, unique, and fun, you don’t have to wait for an occasion or an event to make the most of your top hat look. With so many variations available, you can instead focus on leveraging them even with simple outfits, such as t-shirts.

Since summer has taken control and it’s time to dress in lightweight and breezy styles that keep you cool, adding top hats to them can seem like a task at first sight. But those who know this style is effortless can make the most of it. If you want to be one of them, let’s check out the different t-shirt looks that can go with this hat style, giving your humble attire a quick upgrade.

V-neck t-shirt with short sleeve

Don’t let your guards down when you are all ready to display your cool avatar. A t-shirt with a V-neck and short sleeves can be the perfect summery outfit. Find this in neutral shades. Please focus on solid colors. Something in recycled polyester material can be a great buy. Since these are generally affordable and versatile, it doesn’t pinch your pocket. You can wear this with a pair of printed trousers. Look for a floral design if possible. With V-neck tee and floral-designed trousers, you can reach out for a hat with matching floral patterns. The mix of casual and bold elements will be a style statement for everyone to savor and enjoy. If you like drawing attention, it can be the moment.

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Fitting t-shirts with large prints

Are you searching for a stylish and unique t-shirt that will make you stand out from the crowd? Men’s fitting t-shirts with large print can get a leg up in the fashion with your top hat. Choose the comfortable material for t-shirts. You can wear them around town or something more formal for a night out. If you want to make some conscious fashion statement with your clothing, go for a hat with feather details. One single highlight can make a lot of difference to your overall look. You can complete this look with a nice pair of jeans and boots.

Tees with pockets

Men’s tees with pockets are a great and comfortable way to express yourself—many designs and colors are available in different brands. You can buy them in brick-and-mortar stores or online. These tees will keep you comfortable and stylish. However, when you pair this bright tee with your top hat, you feel more confident about your overall appearance. While pockets already lend a smarter vibe, adding a top hat to the ensemble will make your everyday fashion choice crisper and impactful. As per the color of the t-shirt or bottoms, you can select your hat. While black and brown can be the standard picks, you can try burnt honey, blue, gray, cream, white, and cherry. However, you would want to be careful with your selection to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Slim and athletic fit t-shirt

It’s all about the details that help nail the dapper look. A men’s slim and athletic fit t-shirt paired with a top hat is the perfect combination to create a stylish look. The t-shirt’s slim fit will flatter your toned muscles, and the top hat will exude boldness. This look is suitable for a night out on the town or a special event. Make sure you find the right pair of shoes and trousers for a slim-fit-style tee.

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 Basic t-shirt in fashionable colors

Whether you wear it with your suit or sweats set, a basic t-shirt doesn’t shy away from contributing its fashionable appeal to your overall look. Imagine what happens when you combine its strength with a more confident hat choice like a top hat. There will be an exhibition of a strong personality that embodies a bit of sophisticated charm. How? Well, your blazer or coat can bring that thing.

You can also create the coveted steampunk fashion with these two things in your wardrobe. It’s all about putting together some aspects in the right proportion. Since those festive or theme events may not be happening right now, you can indulge in your top hat fashion with everyday wear. A few trials and errors can help you get the desired outcome. So, keep experimenting and reinventing your style. After all, summer doesn’t need to be dull or lazy.

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