How Cloud security is fueling Business performance?


Major business organizations have been turning to new and more modified ways of securing their premises, moving from the old systems commanded by security guards to a digitally fuelled surveillance system. The expanding businesses are witnessing growth in their vulnerabilities, creating scope for the employment of more advanced security mechanisms. The need however is not simply limited to a growing requirement in the number of personnel and devices involved in the system but the real dependency today is over how well connected these  structures are.

The rapid growth in global economies and their equally fast expanding technological reach has led to a high demand of cloud led e-surveillance systems. Having been estimated to grow from USD 34.5 billion in 2020 to USD 68.5 billion by 2025, the global cloud security market has become the need of the hour, growing at the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 14.7%.

Cloud Security Vs On-premise Security

  Cloud Based Security systemOn premise security system
1Data safety    Data, from the devices is stored over the secured cloud, safe from any on-site predators and intruders trying to get access to the video footage.Data, from the devices is stored on a hard drive, on site, making the data vulnerable to tampering or being written over; giving notorious employees with access to the drive, a chance to get away with minor crimes.
2Regional scope    Cloud surveillance services acquired over integrated platforms are capable of simultaneously surveying multiple sites, spread across wide geographical areas. Owing to its geographical restrictions, an in house security system is capable of providing surveillance to a singular structure of connected devices, requiring a similar security infrastructure throughout all the sites.
3Automatic vs manual  The AI and ML based system automates surveillance as well as other routine operations, not requiring constant human guarding of the premises.The security system requires constant human guarding accompanied by network security. Security personnel is recruited to monitor the site.
43rd party vs in-house MonitoringWhen deploying cloud services, service providers undertake the responsibility of providing round the clock vigilance with their team of expert command center personnel.On premise security is the sole responsibility of the security/ surveillance team employed by the business.
5CostThe limitations of the infrastructural deployments required, the scalable nature of the surveillance system and predictive health check abilities, result in greater returns on investment.Requiring more hardware installations on site, the limitations to scaling the system w.r.t growing demands often makes this system comparatively expensive.
6ScalabilityCloud based surveillance systems, being scalable, allow businesses to add on multiple devices across multiple locations onto a unified platform.On site, manually operated surveillance systems can be scaled, new devices across the facility being added onto the platform. These however cannot be scaled over multiple sites and incur greater costs.

Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS)

Cloud computation services have been in demand by major enterprises and organizations for a long time now, providing the businesses with stronger management systems for their elaborate requirements of data management, premise security, inventory management, employee protocol adherence and the like. As the sizes of enterprises have expanded with overall global development in terms of technological advancements and their resulting economic expansion; the need for a coherent and cohesive security infrastructure binding all segments of the business; independent devices, servers, networks across multiple sites, together, creating an integrated end to end solution.

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The ingress of cloud services in the everyday usage has led to the advent of physical security as a service. Replacing the previous trend of securing on premise infrastructure and personnel with the appointment of security guards, on site control and access systems; the evolved cloud based surveillance solutions have created an environment of security conscious, deviation sensitive, constantly alert, artificial intelligent powered surveillance system.

PSaaS as a solution provides users with a scalable AI based platform, connecting devices across the office or facility together, breaking down the insanely big data into smaller, useful data packets to be shared across networks, all the while being ‘physically’ away from any human tampering or intervention.


Device health

Cloud solutions employing intelligent self-healing devices raise tickets in case of system/device downtime. These systems also initiate regular health checks.

Traditional, on premise surveillance systems are incapable of self-healing and notifying users. Downtime can only be monitored with manual quality checks.


The scalable solution allows businesses to add on a number of IP cameras and smart sensors, capable of detecting intrusion, motion, vibration, heat, light, humidity and temperature etc.

The old school security mechanisms are capable of recording and storing the data onto an on-site storage device. Intrusion detection is facilitated manually, the data only proving useful for evidence purposes.

Operational Scope

Other than providing security to the premise and assets, the cloud based system is capable of inventory and data management, applying smart analytics to the data and deducing insights via logs and metrics.

Analog based security systems having limited scope of application are only suitable for recording and storing data.

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Real time alerts

AI and ML based security and management systems provide round the clock surveillance to the businesses, sending real time updates and alerts to authorized users in the case of any unauthorized activity.

How have cloud services transformed businesses?

  • Provide an integrated ecosystem

From smart devices(IP cameras and sensors) to unified platforms, cloud services create an end-to-end solution for businesses, either managed by a third-party command center on an in-house surveillance team. In both cases, an integrated ecosystem is created, allowing automated operations to replace manual operations. The unified platform enables authorized personnel to monitor and retrieve video footage, share data, receive real time notifications, for all their respective sites.

  • Maintain an omnipresent character

Employers, a few years ago, faced the dilemma of either sitting in front of their monitors to view their office and site performance and employee SOP adherence; or facing the unprecedented incident of a criminal activity or accident taking place in the premises. The present day cloud based systems take on the job of security guards, adding the benefit of error free concurrent vigilance.

  • Create a culture of conformity and uniformity

Monitoring employee performance and SOP adherence across multiple offices is aided with an interconnected ecosystem of multiple cameras and sensors installed across the sites. The attendance of employees, entry and exit into the facility or sensitive parts of the organization; everything is recorded over the same station, allowing users to maintain a level of operational uniformity.

  • Establish a secure and employee friendly work space

A business being monitored via a cloud based surveillance and management system takes away a large part of the employee’s responsibility, helping them establish and maintain a secure work place. The automation of routine operations allows employees to concentrate more on intelligent work requiring human touch rather than physically strenuous and monotonous work.

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Businesses, irrespective of their sizes, have been diving into the pool of cloud services, opting to automate and digitize their operations, partially if not completely. From routine operational tasks, surveillance of sites, control over employee performance, data and asset management along with playing the advisory function for an enterprise (analysing data collected and providing useful insights for optimized operational performance); cloud services have entered every field for enhanced results.

Cloud based surveillance solutions have become the superior go to product for all major organizations. Justified in their need for a surveillance system free from human error and intervention, with the capability of monitoring multiple sites simultaneously, receiving alerts and storing unlimited amounts of data for extended periods; businesses across the globe have transformed or are planning to make the transition towards a cloud powered enterprise.

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