What is Mimecast? The Complete Beginners Guide to Email Security

With directed threat protection, data leak prevention, and reinforced email security controls, Mimecast email security is responsible for securing employee communication and minimizing risk. An added layer of protection is requested in Office 365. Mimecast is trusted by over 17,000 Office 365 customers worldwide for pervasive email security across three discrete zones: the email perimeter, the network, and the organization beyond the perimeter.

What is Mimecast, and how does it work?

Mimecast is a cloud-based email guard and archiving service that protects the content of emails from being viewed by unauthorized parties.

The Mimecast system works by protecting your emails from potential hackers, malware, viruses, and other threats by detecting when an email has been opened or downloaded and then notifying you about it. It also gives you the ability to retrieve all your deleted or lost emails due to data loss or hardware failure.

Mimecast is available as a standalone product and part of our Cloud Security Suite, including Mimecast Email Security and File & Object Storage.

Is Mimecast a good email security solution?

Mimecast is a good email security solution. It offers top-notch protection and monitoring for your email accounts.

There are many benefits of Mimecast, such as:

• It offers a secure, easy-to-use interface accessible from any device, browser, or platform.

• Its streamlined interface makes it easier to manage multiple users and groups of emails simultaneously.

• You can monitor all incoming and outgoing emails, block spam messages, view reports on all sent/received messages, and check your webmail inboxes in real-time without even opening an account.

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What features should be included in an email security solution?

It should include many features in an email security solution.

Some of the essential features that a company should consider are:

• The ability to block spam and viruses.

• Email encryption to ensure privacy.

• Anti-phishing protection so that users cannot be tricked into giving away their credentials by receiving fraudulent emails from malicious websites

• An autoresponder, so customers know when new messages are waiting for them.

How much does it cost to implement Mimecast in my company’s email system?

Implementing Mimecast in your company’s email system will cost about $2,000 for a basic plan.

It estimates the total cost to install and configure Mimecast on your email server, which includes installing software and configuring the settings according to your needs. The actual price may vary depending on where you purchase the service from.

Is Mimecast worth it?

Mimecast is a cloud-based email protection and archiving solution that protects against spam, viruses, phishing, and more.

The benefits of Mimecast are:

• Security – it’s free for up to 10 emails per day.

• Advanced data encryption – keep your data safe from prying eyes by encrypting all your emails with 256-bit AES encryption before they’re sent.

• Rapid recovery from threats – quick actions reduce the impact of any potential attack on your business or organization in minutes.

• Easy management – manage everything from a single dashboard in less than 60 seconds. • Cloud-based and clientless – secure data with no hidden costs.

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• Powerful analytics – view by customer or sender, recipient or attachment, email security tracker, and more in one powerful dashboard.

So, I think it’s worth it. What’s your opinion?


“Mimecast is the anti-spam solution for all your company’s email needs. Thousands of spam emails can compromise a business on an hour-by-hour, per day basis. Visit our site to get in on the spam-free email security.”

Stay safe!

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