Top 10 Alternative Kissanime Website For Watching Free Anime movies in 2021

Being an anime fan, hunting down anime to watch on the various Kissanime websites after watching a series can be a straining task. And why shouldn’t you, animes have some of the best stories and the best image possible that will take you to a different wonderland altogether. If you are an avid animation fan, then comment on some of your top three animes for other readers to enjoy them.

With that being said, let us now deep dive into learning some great kissanime alternatives, the sites like kissanime, which will bring back all the anime that you have been missing out on for so long.

A Brief History about Kissanime

Let’s find out a little bit of background history about Kissanime website. It was launched in 2012 and hosted many links and embedded videos that enabled users to stream, download, and watch anime movies illegally for free. Described as one of the world’s biggest anime streaming websites and a sister website to the manga website (another name for comics or graphic novels from Japan) Kissmanga. Kissanime was the most visited pirate site in the world.

What happened to Kissanime? Where is it now?

After eight years of successful pirated streaming and gathering millions of audiences worldwide, Kissanime got shut down on 14th August 2020 due to copyright complaints and stricter Japanese laws on online privacy. It was also a target of the subpoena by a US company FUNimation which accused it of infringing and distributing content on a massive scale for profit.

Although it has been praised for spotlighting anime and manga and showing them to the entire world, it was also criticized for copyrighting infringement and hosting ad links that contained malware.

Even though the main website is shut down, you can still find various kissanime alternatives websites mirror links over the internet.

But that is not the motto of this article. Our motto here is to equip you with the best kissanime alternatives that will satisfy your thirst for good quality anime and manga. We understand that if you loved websites like kissanime and were actively searching for some alternatives, then you bleed anime and not blood. Just kidding, so, without much ado, let’s begin.

Why did people Use Kissanime?

The Kissanime websites were popular worldwide because they featured many genres like Horror, comedy, drama, romantic drama, fighting, and adventure movies.

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Finally, the dream list for every anime lover!

So, let’s look at some of the safe kissanime alternatives for websites like kissanime, because if you wish to keep your PC safe and protected, then these websites are handy.

The first on our list is

1. Funimation

This website was the one who targeted a subpoena against Kissanime websites that described it as copyright infringing for profits. This website lets you legally watch HD anime, and it is one of the best KIssanime alternative websites out there. It also adds regular updates about thousands of new anime movies for its users. The only drawback to this website is that it is geographically limited. In this sense, it is only accessible for people living in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

It is a user-friendly kissanime alternative website that has an interactive user interface. There are various genres to choose from and also has features like that of different OTT platform websites. This website also has a completion status feature. This is one of the best kissanime alternative websites.

Funimation best kissanime alternative website

2. Anime Freak

It’s an excellent alternative to Kissanime websites and just like one of those fantastic websites like Kissanime, because it is free! A considerable number of shows are regularly, and they already have an HD database of around 10000+ shows already on the website. thing about this website is that it has the latest shows because it adds them as soon as they are released. You will be amazed at this website because there is nothing that you cannot find on this fantastic Kissanime like website.

Anime Freak Website For Watching Free Anime movies

3. Crunchyroll

This is one of the safest and legal websites like kissanime out there. And the best part is that you can watch it on various devices like PC, Phone, XBOX1, PS4, TV, WiiU, etc.

Unlike this website was the first one to offer access to watch anime shows offline legally.

This offers a premium but a legal service that would also save you from the hassles of worrying about your privacy and data protection. They have three plans for their users, which include a Fan membership which is for $7.99 billed monthly, a Mega Fan membership which is billed $9.99 monthly, and an Ultimate Fan membership, which is ad-free, provides HD quality content, and also provides multi-streaming for just $14.99 billed monthly.

Crunchyroll egal websites like kissanime

4. Anime-Planet

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If you want to watch Anime ethically and legally, here is one of the most trending kissanime alternatives websites. This has over 45000 legal anime shows. This also allows you to document on the website what you have been watching and finished, what you don’t want to watch, you have stopped watching and dropped.

It is one of the most trusted websites for websites like Kissanime to watch your best Anime shows and read your favorite mangas.

watch anime movies free at Anime-Planet


Suppose you want to watch the oldest, the rarest, and the newest shows. This is one of the great alternatives to kissanime websites, which has all the features like all the websites discussed above, apart from the usual features. This also has a new season tab that will help you know about the recent seasons launched and if you are easily confused when presented with many options and can’t decide. You will surely be able to find something on this website to watch.

GoGoAnim best Kissanime Website For Watching Free movies

6. D anime store

If you want to watch anime shows legally and that too in a safe way, all you require is 4$ for these amazing alternatives to kissanime website that NTT Docomo launched in Japan. Best feature about the website is that it features shows within just hours of its release.

if kissanime will not work this D anime store will help you for watching movies

7. 9Anime

This is a website that helps you also to request an anime that is available online. This was a feature on the website. This also has an option to enjoy English dubbed shows, and if you want to watch anime that is dubbed in English, then this could be the best alternatives to Kissanime website for you.

9Anime best Alternative Kissanime Website For Watching Free Anime movies in 2021

8.  AnimeLab

 This shows content that has subtitles in English and Japanese. And this allows you to stream episodes that were broadcasted in Japan an hour ago. This has a wide range of devices that it can be accessed from like iOS, Android, Apple, AppleTV, PlayStation, Xbox, and Chromecast.


9. Anilinkz

This website is straightforward to use, and this requires you to browse animes without signing up. All you should have is an updated flash player, and you are all set to go. It has all the newly released episodes and has a search section that allows you to search for your favorite shows. This also has a feature that will enable you to check all the trending shows. It is one of the most visited websites for Anime.

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Anilinkz best site for watching anime movies

10. The various OTT platforms

These were some of the platforms that we discussed above, which offer you great alternatives to kissanime to watch anime apart from all that they offer. The amazing non-anime shows also have a huge database of fantastic anime that you could have found on Kissanime websites. And this is all with a minimal monthly fee on the various OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Peacock.

Apart from getting access to your favorite anime shows on these platforms, you also have the feature of watching your favorite animes in your preferred languages that are available on the platforms for a particular show. Some platforms also feature local languages that might also be of interest to you.

These were some of the Kissanime websites alternatives that not only serve as a great way to satisfy your entertainment cravings. It also provides you extra privacy and protection that might have been compromised on the Kissanime website because of the various redirect links that most of which contain links inappropriate for underage children, who are one of the biggest audiences on these websites. Some links are also infected with malware, which poses a risk to your privacy and data online.

We hope that you would have found your favorite ones from these websites that we just shared with you. Also, comment on your favorite alternatives to Kissanime and your three favorite shows to watch before you die for others in this community to benefit from.

Final thoughts

We believe that having an online experience must not be one that is filled with worry and hassles. It must be easy to browse, must be interactive, and also protect you from the various vices out there. So when you look out for sites like kissanime, always be aware that sites that offer you to watch it for free always come with hidden links that may compromise your privacy and identity online. And so make sure to opt for legal options that keep you secured because, as they say, “There is no free lunch”.

Bye for now. Have a great rest of your day!

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