How to Set Up Free Wi-Fi for Customers

‘Free Wi-Fi’ isn’t this phrase such a Catch? Good internet stands as a factor that the customer expects, enjoys, and appreciates. When a business place provides free Wi-Fi, the potential customers are easily attracted & it grows a comfort and urges to visit the place constantly, through this the customer satisfaction is also checked along with the sale or profit of the business increases, as the customers spend more time than estimated in the premises of the restaurant. 

We cannot even begin to question why the internet has become an essential part of our way of living, as in the 21st century, the fact that cannot be denied is, half of our lives twirl around the internet, and now the internet has a massive role even in education, profession, business solely/ partly. So basically, most of our lives would be at stake if there isn’t proper internet. Many businesses are not aware that free Wi-Fi does much more than just having more guests and customers. It does more than just entertain.

With the suitable and right software and planned strategy, free Wi-Fi becomes a powerful and impressive tool for marketing and analytics. You can further enhance the ability of your router by using this ( address login guide. Keeping all the factors in mind, how and what are the steps to set up free Wi-Fi and provide a complete customer satisfactory experience. The main motive is to avoid any potential drawback and difficulty and choose everything you need relevant to the Wi-Fi service renders’ schemes. 

Here are five factors in setting up free Wi-Fi:

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Value the speed of the internet: 

The first factor is to make sure the free internet is fast, secure, and reliable. If you fail at this step, then there are chances you are losing potential customers by making them frustrated and reluctant to visit again. Consider the internet as one of the essential factors and services you’re offering your customers, which is the seed of your business’s growth. So providing with the bare minimum isn’t such a good idea. It is like fixing up one air conditioner for a 900sq feet area, or a dim lamp couldn’t light up your entire business. Likewise, the Wi-Fi factor remains important.

In spite of abiding by all the factors, if the internet is still slow, it needs to be troubleshot. Analyse and find out the entire potential delinquent that leads to slow and dropped internet connection. 

Some of which are:

  • A relevant scheme or plan that does not meet your business and customer’s requirements
  • An issue with the frequency
  • Disturbance or interference from a nearby network
  • When the router or other equipment becomes out-dated
  • Location of the router

Required bandwidth:

While setting free Wi-Fi, the Router is one side of the coin while the other is Bandwidth. There should be enough Bandwidth to meet the business demands and the customer’s demands and expectations on the connection.

Estimation should be made on how much bandwidth is needed. There must be a calculation made on what kind of browsing is done and how many devices the connection can support. People tend to rely on mobiles, so there are high chances of doubling up the number of devices as the customers can also bring along laptops or tablets.

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A general guideline for bandwidth is “120 kilobits per second for each user you plan to support at one time,” writes Robert Moskowitz. “Ten users will need 1.2 megabits per second. Twenty users will need double that.”

You need to do the calculation as per the capacity of the business and compare it with the broadband service which your internet service provider (ISP) offers and choose the plan that adapts your requirements. Note the point that those points may increase along with the growth of the business over time.

No unlimited bandwidth in every situation:

Even after requirements and connection are configured accordingly and still if there’s an existence of issues. The reason is that few customers might be using high bandwidth. To avoid such hindrance, restricting streaming from a few sites and not blocking downloads. This could be done with the help of a content filtering tool. Although these activities are done by your ‘potential customers’ 

They may find it reasonable and not so shocked or surprised to find sites like YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix have been blocked for Bandwidth reasons. Still, it doesn’t take much energy and courtesy on how this state is communicated and put forth to the customers.

When communicating or the words to be used should be polite in expressing how the sites are blocked so that everyone can enjoy a fast internet connection, rather than using ‘Site Forbidden.’

Secured connection:  

When there’s free Wi-Fi being broadcasted, which anyone could use, so the network must be secured, the details of the customer’s like their personal data, credit card number, passwords, usernames are at the employer’s risk, and this includes the business data too. The purpose of Free Wi-Fi is to provide the customer with a 100% satisfactory experience and such that it should remain an excellent one.

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To keep the network secured, it starts with the router’s security protocol. There have been a lot of updates, yet most of the routers provide outdated versions that aren’t secured. WEP “wired equivalent privacy” is a protocol and is known for its weaknesses, and it is considered risky, but still, it is in use. WPA “Wi-Fi Protected Access” is deemed stronger, and WPA2 is stronger still. If there isn’t a newer password protocol available, if there’s a firmware update available, it’s probably time to consider getting an upgraded newer device.

Separate access for business:

A common way to protect the network from attackers is to have separate access for business purposes and separate access for a public purpose. The usage of the Service Set Identifier (SSID) allows the customers to use the Wi-Fi and keeps the business network going on without any hindrance and walled off from the customers.

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