How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind

Today, technology plays an important part in our life; we are in a way dependent on it. Due to such dependence, technology today can hijack our psychological vulnerabilities with the sole purpose of making money.

Here is how technology is getting control of your mind:

  1. It controls the menu and your choice

Our culture revolves around the ideas of an individual’s choice and freedom. However, we ignore the fact that our choices are manipulated by some people. For example, whenever we have a choice on a menu, we barely ask about the choice that’s not on the menu. 

We surrender our ability to make choices to the fact that technology will do it for us. But the question is do such choices fulfill our actual needs.

  1. The fear of missing out

The applications and websites hack our minds and convince us to check our notifications constantly and if we don’t then we are surely missing out on something. This is done by convincing us that these notifications may carry some relevant information or connections so it’s better to give it a check.

Once you believe that a particular channel is essential for some key info, it becomes impossible to unsubscribe or delete the account.

  1. App or a slot machine?

Turn your app in a slot machine and more than half of the population will stay hooked. We check our phones 150 times a day on average. We believe that our phone will deliver something important to us and this thought makes us check our phone constantly.

Technology designers add certain rewards to increase the attractiveness of their apps. Remember a slot makes twice more money in countries like the USA than any baseball or movie does.

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When we check our phones, we are in real playing a slot machine to check out notifications.

  1. A trick for craving social approval

Everyone is open to social approval. We crave for belonging, appreciation, and approval of others. Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram influence people to give in this social approval by offering them to tag people in their photos. 

This is not done consciously, but because of these platforms using AI to identify people’s faces and tag them.Technology designers are exploiting this belonging in the way they design their apps.

  1. Encouraging social reciprocity

Like we crave social approval, we are also open to reciprocate when someone is doing something for us. Tech companies control this by making it a social obligation for us to give back. E.g LinkedIn, encourage you to continue to add people you might know or interact with by either endorsing their skill set or responding to their message.

  1. Instant interruption to get the attention

Push notifications are likely to get your attention quicker than the emails in your inbox. This is because you are easily interrupted by notifications when your phone screen lights up and you are likely to check emails at the time suitable for you.

Technology designers end up increasing your feeling of urgency to respond to the notifications. You are easily interrupted from living that moment.

  1. Never-ending feed

Another technique to keep people busy interacting with your product or service is to show them more options even if they have no intention of consuming it. For example, YouTube keeps on showing one video after another same is the case with Facebook and Netflix, and in this way, the options and feed never ends.

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Technology has made our life easier but at the same time, it has hijacked your mind too. The more you use their app, the more money they make and play with your mind.

Heena Ansari

Heena Ansari is a digital marketer and founder of Techpuzz. She aims to give Digital marketing tips & guide for a beginner and help them to grow their career in Digital Marketing.

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