Casino Commandments: The Don’ts of Gambling

Casino gambling at has been a pretty permanent fixture in human society for the last several hundred years at least, and even though the world’s first official casino was only opened in the 17th century, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that we were gambling thousands of years back into antiquity. Besides, gambling is just a part of our human nature, as there does seem to be something intrinsic to the human psyche that loves to compete, especially when the competition is for money.

If you don’t believe us just look at the amazing success of casinos across the world over the last couple hundred years – people just love to gamble, there’s no other way around it! But here’s the thing: as fun as gambling can be these days, it is also very important to realise that there are dangers to casino gambling if you are not really thinking about what you are doing. Keep reading for a set of casino commandments exploring the don’ts of gambling.  

Don’t: Gamble without setting a budget first 

Gambling without setting yourself a strict budget first is one of the stupidest things anyone can do in a casino, because not only does it restrict your ability to bet tactically, it will also put you in danger of spending way too much money in one go. As pretty much all professional gamblers will tell you, it is essential to set a budget before you actually begin playing, or else the consequences could be awful. 

Aside from the fact that setting a gambling budget will stop you spending too much money, you will also find that you are betting with a lot more precision, and hence giving yourself a better chance of winning money. 

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Don’t: Rely too much on progressive betting systems 

There will always be a few gamblers who hail by progressive betting systems such as the Martingale strategy, however we really couldn’t advise against this more. You see, the problem with progressive betting systems is that they give naïve gamblers the promise that all losses can be remade, however that isn’t always the case. 

Sure, the Martingale strategy will eventually work if you have a bankroll big enough to support it, but the harsh truth is that not many people actually have this at all. 

Don’t: Play American roulette

Roulette is a fan favourite casino game and has been for the last two centuries, however there is one thing you really ought to know if you fancy a spot of roulette gambling in a casino. It is pretty essential to always avoid the American version of roulette where you can, because the house edge on this game is double that of European roulette. 

This means that your chances of winning are halved whilst playing American roulette, and its all because of one pesky extra zero value… 

Don’t: Play a casino game without knowing the rules 

You wouldn’t believe the amount of tourists who visit Las Vegas and waste thousands of dollars simply because they don’t adequately understand the rules of the casino game they are playing. Don’t be like them!

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