Significance of music in the overall slot game experience

We’re sure most people know by now, but the slots industry has come an unimaginably long way since its beginnings in the late 1800s. Back then a man called Charles D. Fey made a few crucial alterations to some already existing rudimentary slot machines, and the result was the Liberty Bell machine, something that went on to kick-start the slot gambling revolution.

Of course, there are a plethora of reasons why slots eventually reached the world-conquering status that they hold today, and technological evolution is behind pretty much all of these reasons too. One thing that people don’t talk about quite as much in regard to this is the significance of music in the overall slot game experience – click to play. Read on for a more in-depth discussion.   

Slots without music 

First things first, although music and sound effects in slots are quite important these days, it is essential to understand the fact that these games didn’t always have a sonic kind of edge like this. Oh no, the first slots, such as Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine didn’t have any kind of sound at all, save for the clinking of coins if you happened to win the jackpot. 

In fact, this coin clinking has made its way to be one of the most iconic slot sound effects these days, and the reason for this is because it used to be pretty much the only special sound effect that you could hear coming from a slot machine. 

The first sound effects 

Once gambling laws in US states such as Nevada were relaxed slot machines could really start multiplying exponentially, and it was here that new technology such as slot sound effects was being developed. At first there wasn’t much music to slot, however gamblers experienced a lot more excitement after winning prizes due to the intoxicating sound effects. 

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Sound effects in slot machines very quickly became the norm too, not surprising when you consider how much they intensified the fun. 

Slot games and music 

Whilst sound effects arrived in the world of slot machines first, it didn’t take long for rudimentary forms of music to be installed by developers, with one of the most notable first examples being Barcrest’s original Rainbow Riches machines, which were sound tracked by a delightful stream of Celtic music. 

Whilst gamblers aren’t exactly playing slot machines because of the music, it did make people more inclined to play for longer periods of time due to the increased immersive nature.

Music specific online slots 

In the new world of online slots there is an increasing number of games that have actually been designed around the music in one way. For example, NetEnt launched a fantastic series of slots centred around rock’n’roll bands such as Guns N Roses, and with these games the music takes much more of a front seat. 

How significant is music in the overall slot game experience? 

Don’t get us wrong, it is not as if music is absolutely integral to the overall slot game experience, however one thing you cannot deny is that it can often make things a lot more exciting.

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