Are Gambling Regulations For Slots Changing?

The Blair years were kind to the UK gambling industry and many rules and regulations associated with betting shops and casinos were eased. It is not clear if this relaxed approach to gambling made it more popular amongst the British public, as other factors such as accessibility also have to be considered. Obviously the move of gambling games to virtual online platforms brought gambling to the masses and contributed to its popularity. However, times have now changed and gambling regulations have to constantly adapt with these changing times. Even an increase in the popularity of certain types of gambling such as slots, has a major influence on gambling laws and what was suitable in the Blair years may now be out of date in today’s gambling environment. Most people remain in control of their gambling but some become addicted. There has been an increase in gambling addiction recently and this has altered the relaxed attitude the current British government has towards gambling – check it out today.

Why New Laws Are Needed 

New laws are needed to reflect the constantly changing gambling landscape. With so many new punters out there and new forms of gambling being readily available to them, it is important that laws are constantly updated. New laws are usually a knee jerk reaction to stories of gambling addiction that makes front-page news. Or they are forced through by pressure groups. The main focus of laws was once to protect the public against dishonest casinos and this was urgently needed during the unlicensed boom era of online gambling. Now, new laws are focused on protecting the public from gambling addiction. 

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Recent Changes

The gambling industry, including some big name gambling brands, has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Organizations such as the UK Gambling Commission have also come under fire for not doing enough to protect the public from gambling addiction. Pressure groups and MPs recently joined forces to bring in new legislation that struck at the heart of gambling. This was of course the new law to limit the maximum bet to £2 on B2 Fixed Odds Betting Terminals found in betting shops up and down the country. This new law was implemented in October. This was swiftly followed in April 2020 with a ban on gambling with credit cards. Now online casinos can no longer keep punters winnings in pending periods and punters can no longer reverse their withdrawals. This means that punters will get there winnings far quicker and the temptation to reverse withdrawals has also gone.

Further Changes Ahead

Now the focus has moved to online slots. These popular games are creating record revenue and are fuelling addiction. They have also remained untouched by new laws. The worry here is that betting limits have not been applied to them and punters can still spin these games for up to £200 a spin. Pressure groups want the same laws that were placed on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals to be applied to online slots that are more popular and more accessible to the masses.

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