What You Need To Know About CBD For Muscle Recovery

What is CBD? 

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. CBD is an active ingredient, just like THC, in cannabis plants or Marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD does not create any psychotic or nervous alterations, which means, the cannabinoid is not intoxicating. CBD is mainly derived from hemp, and the liquid is often called hemp seed oil. Thus, the derivative has several benefits. CBD oils are actively used by athletes, sportsmen, and gymnasts because they can reduce or heal muscle soreness. Using CBD derivatives before competitions and during practice sessions is completely legal. You can find many products based on CBD, for example, CBD patches for pain that are available in the market.

What Causes Muscle Soreness?

Muscle fibers may get fatigued due to several reasons. It is often difficult to work out or even go about your daily routine with a cramp or sore muscle. Taking medicine and abusing drugs can rarely be helpful and should not be relied upon regularly. Therefore, we will tell you how to relieve sore muscles with the help of CBD oils:

  1. Muscle Spasm and Heavy Exercise 

Exercise and sport often lead to inflammation of muscle and joints. Many people suffer from sore muscle after workout and exercise.  Due to heavy mechanical work, the tissues function under reduced oxygen level. The cells present in our muscle fibers operate with the help of anaerobic respiration during tiring and exhaustive exercises. This increases the amount of lactic acid beneath our skin. The accumulation of lactic acid is the main cause of sore muscles and joints. 

CBD oils work miraculously on sore and inflamed skin, bones, or muscles. Cannabinoid increases and stimulates blood flow within our bodies. Cannabinoid dilates our blood vessels, and therefore, more blood can reach the site of injury and take quick actions. Increased blood flow makes sure more oxygen reaches sore and inflamed muscles. The high level of oxygen in rapidly circulated blood slowly decreases and breaks down the lactic acid, curing inflammation, and sore muscles. So, CBD is an essential part of muscle pain relief. With the help of Cannabinoid derivatives, you can easily get rid of painful and stubborn joint pain and muscle aches. 

  1. Sleep 
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Most adults recurve a very tiny amount of sleep; this is either due to extreme anxiety, tension, or work pressure. Many of us have spent sleepless nights worrying about a loved one or our pending deadlines. Lack of sleep is a leading reason behind extreme muscle pain and cramps. Important functions that take place when we sleep may get disrupted and disturbed. This may increase the level of cortisol and decrease the amount of growth hormone. 

Scientists have been able to establish a positive correlation between the use of CBD oils and sleep. Therefore, it is safe to say that using CBD oils can definitely help you improve the quality of your sleep. Apply the oil to your forehead and near the joints in your body. It will relax your tendons and ligaments and help you fall asleep quicker. Cannabinoid plays an important role in sore muscle relief. Apply the oil just like you apply the balm and massage it into your skin. You can use it daily for the best results or when you suffer from extreme joint pain and disturbed sleep. Using CBD is not illegal, the substance has no intoxicating effect and does not generate any type of addiction. You can use cannabinoid substances without any fear. 

3. Inflammation

Inflamed joints and muscle is a common issue. Due to several bodily functions, muscles often get swollen after a prolonged period of workout or yoga. If you are someone who hits the gym often, you will know how painful muscle inflammation can be. 

Post-workout recovery often includes a long process like eating healthy food consisting of proteins and drinking a lot of water. Apart from these stranded procedures, try incorporating CBD oils into your recovery process. Cannabinoid derivatives are one of the most effective and efficient recovery tools. Use the oils to massage inflamed muscles and joints. Use it before you go to sleep and witness amazing results. CBD contains important substances like vitamins and minerals. Minerals like calcium and potassium help your bones to regrow within a short time. Vitamins like retinol make sure your tendons and ligaments repair faster. It also consists of fatty acids that can help you gain your strength back rapidly. 

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The cannabinoid has helped famous athletes and sportsmen. If you are wondering, “Is CBD good for muscle recovery?”, the answer is yes. You can use cannabinoid derivatives for different purposes, and muscle recovery is one of them. The substance does not have any harmful effects like intoxication or addiction. 

Catherine Wiley

Catherine Wiley is a healthy food enthusiast and fitness instructor from Dorking, UK. She’s been a lifelong student of health and enjoys staying active with her husband, 2 young children, and dog Bentley in the beautiful Surrey Hills countryside.

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