Spice up Your Intimate Life: Top 10 Essentials for Married Couple

When things get stale in the marriage bed, do you call it quits? Of course not. You get help, try new things, and learn some techniques that will ignite an even greater fire in your intimacy. With these tips, you can take your intimacy to new heights.

It is no secret. Things can get a little bland when you have the same intimate partner for a long time. And while some people find the comfort of knowing exactly what their partner likes, needs, and wants, others see it as a sign that the relationship is starting to deteriorate. 

We put a lot of pressure on how important intimacy is in a relationship. But most people have it wrong. They equate sex with intimacy and while both are important, intimacy is something so much grander than just the physical joining of two bodies. An intimate relationship is more than just the primal, the physical, but reaches into the heart of it, the soul of connecting to another person.

Sex in marriage is supposed to be more about intimacy and writhing, sweaty bodies. It removes the shackles of a person’s fear of intimacy and replaces it with the intertwining of two souls. It adds emotional intimacy into the mix, letting the connection grow deeper, and for anyone who has been in the mind of their partner during intimate sex, then you never want regular carnal sex again. It just doesn’t measure up.

Sexual intimacy for married folks

Even married couples have intimacy issues. Here are a few ideas to push past them. These might even open your eyes to other types of intimacy.

  1. Sexting
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While not exactly office appropriate, sending your partner a dirty text or picture at a random time in the day, will put you at the front of their mind, and inspire their libido. This warm-up will help you avoid the lack of intimacy.

Exchanging messages
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  1. Roleplay

Make up a scenario, characters, and a scene. Maybe something from your fantasies. Then act them out, in detail, while remaining in character. This is great for making intimacy creative.

  1. Toys

You might not be open-minded at first, but a little bit of adult toy interaction can be a new and kinky addition to your intimate arsenal. You might be surprised by what you’ll buy next.

  1. Tease

Do things that you know your partner will think of a sexual act. Clean in a skimpy outfit or do yard work so your sweat glistens over your body. Give each other knowing glances, and keep it sexy, but subtle.

  1. Masturbate together

While this does not involve copulation, the result is similar, and the intimacy can be heightened. The similar applies to have an all-foreplay encounter, void of sex. It will give your skills in other areas some practice, upping their potency.

  1. Porn

This can be tricky. If either of you has jealousy issues, skip to the next item. But if you are open to the flow, watching porn together is a fun and sometimes laughable experience. You can try some new moves, or just lay naked and make fun of it. It’s great either way.

  1. Environment

Find out what your partner likes in aesthetics and create that in your romantic areas. If they want a sex dungeon, go for it. If it’s a tropical bungalow, more power to you. If it’s the wedding night over and over again, give them that. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

  1. Erotica
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It may take a while, but with a knowledge of trashy romance novels, you can create a story that will get juices flowing and hearts racing. One of you starts an erotic story, and switch off how the sexy parts would go, saying them aloud, as if narrating your love.

  1. Location

Change where you have your intimate encounters, not just resigning to the bedroom. Do things in the living room, the kitchen, or if you can, maybe even outdoors, perhaps on a camping trip in a tent. Hotels are great, too. 

  1. Therapy

Before you give up, seek counseling. Sex expert advice can change everything, just by talking through what the problem might be. Some subjects are difficult to talk to your partner about. Therapy works. 

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While some get married for that intimate connection, no one expects it to fizzle out. And while outside variables can lead to failure in the bedroom, there are alternatives to giving up. Take these notes, and countless others, and try to make it work. In the end, it will all be worth it, and you might even grow as an individual, and as a couple. Do you have any great ideas to keep the marriage bed alive and vital?

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