Is Growth Of Robot Technology Is Threat To Human Kind?

We are acquainted with robots and their use in industry like automation companies in Coimbatore and military surveillance operations; however with predicted advances in synthetic intelligence, quickly robots may additionally have greater freedom of choice and be able to make complex social interactions.

Now, some are suggesting, that we need to ask, are they going with a view to manage us people in methods that could take advantage of or misunderstand us?

Well at least they might not need food prepared for them! But then, what approximately futuristic, debatable “killer robots” and questions round our own duty and value? The future is coming faster than we notion!


So much is going on inside the race to develop higher levels of artificial intelligence that recently Nell Watson informed an automation Conference in Malmo, Sweden, that Robots should study to understand human price to make certain that at some point they do now not “kill us out of kindness”.

What’s in the back of this kind of questioning? Already your clever robot lawnmower or vacuum cleaner appear like children’s toys in comparison with recent trends.

And now the perception is that quickly robots with sudden ranges of social consciousness will pass with no trouble round complicated environments and carry out beautiful cognitive “social” interactions.

And then we need to ask, what happens whilst they may be taught weaponry abilities; the so-called “killer-robots”, however will they usually make the right decisions? Who goes to take obligation for “unintentional murders”?

And then, the very concept of homicide takes on a new meaning – or does it? And what if some of these robots, with their new social freedoms, begin to build up understanding and the ability to act upon it, what fool-proof defence will save you them from growing a social dislike for the people who evolved them?

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And then we’d remember the situation wherein some high-degree robots, which have perhaps acquired brilliant experience with guns, can also broaden their personal more desirable sociability and “suppose” they may be helping us by kindness-killing, and now not handiest the weaker or elderly ones amongst us.

Is this simply getting a ways-fetched? Maybe – but Nell Watson thinks those remarkable robots need to be programmed, or taught, to cost our humanity or they might just begin “killing us out of kindness”.

Some of those cautions are coming from physicist Stephen Hawking who believes, with other builders, that machines with high intelligence might have large blessings for present day revolutionary societies, however additionally has the capability to “be our worst mistake in history”.

His worry here is based on future robots having humanoid capacities for complicated, or even perhaps, unanticipated actions.


In this fraught courting among guy and sophisticated machines, this stressful location is growing out of neuroscience, micro-electronics, evolutionary ideologies, materialism and atheistic humanism, due to the fact this heady mix has already condemned our humanity to junk popularity, wherein we have no objective cost or real that means or significance.

In truth, on the premise of evolutionary perception, some may nicely recall that ingeniously designed “private” machines have a exceptional fee to society by way of helping reduce loneliness and pleasing many other social functions.

Perhaps, steadily the door is being opened to in which we, ourselves, begin to be not anything greater than complex machines wherein any idea of “self” is illusory, springing up from vintage thoughts which have now in large part been abandoned.

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This looks challenging for advocates of secular ideology if they should educate robots that we’ve got price once they don’t have any goal basis for believing it themselves, besides on a subjective, socially pragmatic stage!

But then, without any clean basis in an goal truth, people are getting more enmeshed in thoughts that we are best part of a digital reality. Without good enough safeguards, this complete state of affairs surrounding synthetic intelligence goes to come to be huge open to abuse.

We shall want carefully framed rules, but which international-view goes to border it?

And who is going to determine how much we’re sincerely really worth? It’s time to take inventory and remember the fact that we’ve got remaining importance by using our being made ‘inside the image of God” (Genesis 1:27).

Then the moral insurrection towards God’s splendid authority passed off, which has left us all through nature “alienated and hostile in thoughts, doing evil deeds” (Colossians 1:21). Into this dire state of affairs, Christ came in merciful love and abounding grace.

He it was, who freely “suffered as soon as for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he would possibly carry us to God” (1 Peter 3:18). Be positive of this, God isn’t programmed, and neither are we – we are responsible to him for our actions and lives.

Love And Grace

Now do you spot the tremendous outpouring of the affection of God upon real, enormous ethical rebels? Now do you notice the massive distinction among man-made machines, for which guy will take the ultimate duty for any ethical or moral effects?

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And what a tremendous cost has been placed upon us, because the particular, valuable and personal creations of God – the gulf between us and guy-made automatons is colossal, countless!

It’s time to rethink the last supply of real cost and the way, in comparison with artificial intelligence, Jesus’ lifestyles, loss of life and resurrection are the maximum effective and surely sensible occasions that have taken vicinity on this global.

Are we in reality going to be “killed with kindness” by impersonal machines? Not at all, and whatever about attributing personal motivation to the impersonal, do not allow that robot mentality take over your wondering and enslave you!

Instead, make certain you know that as a actual character, in a actual reality, we are cut off from God and responsible before him

What remarkable love, and what superb value he has positioned on all who discover peace with God via religion in Christ!

Real Reality – Facing Jesus Whose Death Has Truly Dealt With Guilt

Michael J. S. Austin, Ph.D. Has authored numerous books and plenty of articles aimed toward showing that biblical Christianity speaks at once to us inside the twenty first century.

For instance, my e-book, ‘I saw Him Die – Viewing Jesus’ Death TODAY’ gives a challenging view of Jesus’ crucifixion and what it method. An urgent message for humans organized to think via the issues!

In our next article we will look about PLC training in Coimbatore. Stay tuned guys.

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