8 Factors You Shouldn’t Miss at Any Cost While Designing your Website in 2020

The digital space has grown so big that you can no longer think to market your business without a website. And just having a normal website isn’t okay at all, you need to be creative, follow the web design trends 2020 and keep in mind the SEO attributes. 

With a website, you choose to stand in the thriving competition and if your website isn’t competitive, then you cut down the chances of growth yourself.

So, if you’re about to design a website for your business, here are a few things that you should keep in mind this year.

1. A Responsive Layout

From smartphones, tablets to desktops, there are tons of smart devices which is used to view the website and a good website is the one that fits all screen sizes. 

So, having website responsiveness is a must to make sure that your audience doesn’t leave your website immediately after they open it. It has been reported that 40% of the customers don’t hesitate to jump to a competitor’s website when they find your website unresponsive.

2. Reality

Instead of going for the shutter stock photos or Getty images, talk real about your business such as adding real images of your office or the activities. The websites have reached that place where the customers no longer believe in the stock photos, they show engagement with reality.

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Real images also boost your credibility, your website reaches and gives you an edge over your competitors.

3. Information Above the Fold

When a customer visits your website, you only have seconds to draw his attention so the content you display above the fold portrays your business and gives users the information about you.   

Above the Fold information educates visitors about your business without letting them scroll. For your information, ‘Above the Fold’ is the top section of your website which customers can see without scrolling.

4. Brand Representation

The layout you choose for your website tells the story about your business the color, theme, logo and font colors. Choose every element wisely. For example, the typography matters a lot for your brand, if you keep bold typography for your tech business then it won’t mix well with the theme. Same goes for the color and theme.

“Customers can spend up to 60% of their budget if they get satisfied with the branding experience of the website.” 

5. Making your Contact Details Visible

A lot of online businesses make a mistake when they don’t make their contact details visible on the website. If you’re a web design agency New York then your customers need to know about it or else they might list you as someone who’s not real. 

This is highly important when you have an ECommerce or real estate website otherwise customers won’t prefer to shop from you.

6. Content that Persuades your Visitors

You’re creating your website in 2020 which means no more space for lengthy paragraphs, mundane content or dull stories. You have to break your content with headlines, titles, short descriptions and key features of your product/service.

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With your content give the visitors the reasons to go to the bottom of your website. It’s a great tactic to draw their interest and engage them with your business.

7. Strong CTAs

If a customer is moved by your website, his next action will be to get in touch with you by clicking the Call to Action button. CTAs also work when the customers are skeptical about your product but suddenly come across a CTA that says to avail the promotional discount. 

So, you should make strong CTAs for your website as it will give weight to the layout and helps you draw more leads for your business.

8. Blogs 

In 2020, the value of blogging has maximized and websites without blogs face difficulties in increasing their search engine rankings and domain authority. So, you should proceed to blog for your business with your website. 

It will not only builds your credibility but will also keep you in the news and search engines. You can also use promotional videos and ebooks for this purpose.


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