Best Mobile Apps to Help Reduce Headaches

When technology has brought improvement in every sector of life, health and medicine is no exception. Particularly, we see mobile apps appearing as a solution for almost all the problems, whether it be traveling, food delivery, education, or health care. Mobile apps are all set to help solve problems of potential users. 

While developing an app, a mobile app developer primarily focuses on presenting a solution to a problem that people encounter on a daily basis. Headaches are one of the most occurring problems that any one of us can come across in our everyday lives. You might get confused here that the solution to headache must be a pill and not a mobile app. if this is the case, let me clear you here that he right technology can offer insights into information like triggers and patterns that eventually help to reduce headaches.


N1-Headache is a headache healing app. It has 4.5 stars iPhone rating and is available for free along with the in-app purchases options. This app is basically an analytical tool that helps to track different types of headaches and other involved factors to identify triggers and patterns of headaches. The self-management tools provide personalized suggestions to help the user better know about their pain points and manage the way medicines and habits impact your headache. 

Headache Log

Headache Log is a headache healing app. it has 4.3 stars’ ratings on Google Play Store and is available for free along with the in-app purchases option. This app provides a simple, easy, and quick way to track headaches and migraines so that you develop a better understanding of your headache and get better able to manage pain ad identify the most effective treatments. 

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Blue Light Filter & Night Mode

Blue Light Filter & Night Mode is an app designed to minimize exposure to blue light. It has 4.8 stars rating on Google Play Store and is available for free along with the in-app purchases option. Blue light can be a trigger for migraine headaches for some people.The filter used in this app helps minimize blue light exposure and  relieve eye strain if the users enjoy using the phone at night.

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Acupressure: Heal Yourself is a self-help or healing app. It has 4.3 stars’ ratings on the Google Play Store and is available for $1.99. Many times it is stress or anxiety that triggers headaches and migraines, acupressure app can guide people to massage certain pressure points to activate the body’s self-curative abilities. With the help of this app, you can learn to use your fingers to press key points on the skin’s surface to release nerve endings and ease tension.

Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy is a headache healing app. it has 4.8 stars iPhone rating and 4.7 stars android rating. The app is available for free on both app stores. The app is specially designed to help people experiencing migraine headaches.  The app is developed with the help of neurologists to help you quickly record and identify all aspects of a migraine attack. This is a very helpful app that lets you monitor triggers, signs, occurrence, duration, pain intensity, location, and other factors related to the headache so that the users can improve their condition.

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