Why it is Essential to Backup Your Files

Security and privacy when using the Internet are essential. Everyone knows that the network has a multitude of dangers to which we must be aware, such as the theft of personal data, users and passwords, or even the files that we keep on the computer, on the tablet, or on the phone’s mobile.

The photos of the girl’s birthday, the trip to Athens, the video of family vacations on the beach, the final degree work for the university. People keep hundreds of documents on our personal devices, and the theft of They themselves becomes quite traumatic.

In addition, the file not only disappears because someone accesses them and disables them in exchange for an economic figure. These and other crimes of the kind we have already explained in this report), but it can also happen that we delete them unintentionally, We lose the device, or it breaks. We are not able to recover them.

To avoid unnecessary things

To avoid unnecessary things, a satisfactory solution is to make a backup or backup. This practice consists of saving documents so that they are not lost and that we can access them in one way or another if we have a problem.

On March 31, World Backup Day is celebrated to make people aware of how beneficial (and almost essential) this practice is. In Portal, we have prepared a small guide with tips and useful information to incorporate this backup into our daily lives and never miss our most beloved or necessary photographs, videos, or documents.

Why Do You Have to Do a Regular Backup and What Does It Imply?

Making a ‘backup’ is not “I make my copy now, and I forget it within a year” because that is of little use. The stored securities are to be performed periodically to take effect because the documents can be lost from one day to another, so you have to minimize possible damage.

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Making this copy more or less or periodically depends on each one. There are those who, for work reasons, need to keep a duplicate of their files almost daily (when it is at stake to lose a large project, five minutes of our time are nothing). Others, however, with saving the images taken just at the moment they are taken, they have enough (birthdays, excursions, family days, trips, etc.)

The best thing is that you look at what type of user you are and adapt your saves to that. Even so, a more than reasonable time to make a backup is once a week, for example, the last day or the first day of the next, so that everything stored in those seven days is safe.

We will never get tired of repeating it

 Use 10 minutes of your time every Sunday. For example, and make sure that everything is healthy and safe is nothing if you compare it with the disgust of later (and the money that can cost others try to retrieve the information).

To make a backup, you don’t need much. Whether you want to save your computer or your phone, just have another accessible storage unit and, at most, a couple of cables to connect things to each other. For the rest, it is nothing more than copying and pasting something from side to side.

Remember that you do not have to delete the files of their origin, but what you are doing is a duplicate of them in case they are lost.

Tips for doing the ‘backup’

Depending on the volume of your files, the copy will need more or less space on the destination unit, so this is something to keep in mind when carrying it out. An external hard drive, another computer with the best backup software for small business or home use, cloud storage, a USB, DVDs Everything is valid as long as it fits what you want to duplicate.

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If the ‘backup’ is for a mobile phone, a reasonably good move is to make two copies: one on another computer and then pass it to a hard disk and the second taking advantage of the cloud. iOS brings factory space in iCloud; On Android, you can use services like Google Drive or Google Photos. You can also take advantage of Dropbox or any other service you know – you can even combine some if you want to have in each “cloud” a different type of file to organize yourself better -.

If you are saving your computer, you can also take advantage of another storage unit or cloud services. However, here it may be more productive to use an external hard drive directly because it tends to accumulate a larger volume of data on a computer than on a mobile.

Be that as it may, it is advisable to have at least one site where you only and exclusively keep backup copies, so that it is not something you use for regular use and has less chance of becoming infected or broken. It is best to have several backups in different places, in case the flies, which with technology you never know. At least once a month do maintenance of the storage space where the ‘backup’ is, both cleaning documents and with other things like looking at the health of the hard disk and see that everything works correctly.

Another tip is that you do not skimp on space unless you have it very clear. Affirmations such as “this is not going to be necessary” can be very expensive: it is better that you keep everything, at least for a while, and also do periodic cleaning so as not to accumulate too much garbage.

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If you use different devices or options to store things, name them well so that there are no loose ends and do not commit the risk of missing something. Organize everything well in folders, do not leave the files free for laziness to spend five more minutes in being meticulous, which will then cost you to find everything much more. If you are a traveler, make backup copies in a place where you can access remotely, so that wherever you are, you always have everything at hand.

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