How to Earn Money With ‘Food-Waste’ Start-Up With Low Investment

Food waste business – it may seem an unlike business idea to you. Isn’t it? You may think about how to generate money from the waste food that has no use?

Let us represent stats that clearly show how waste food provides a business opportunity to you. According to the research, UK waste £9.7 billion of food each year. The primary reason behind it is “purchasing foodstuff more than they require”. 

The above-mentioned data illustrate what will happen if you utilise the waste food. It is not possible to save all the foods but conserving 10% of it can help you to generate good profit. 

Now, the question arises on how to set up FOOD WASTE BUSINESS. Read the blog further to get the answer to every question from investing cost to do a profitable business. 

Food Waste Business 

Several categories can help you start your business. We have chosen some popular ones, like:

  • Liquid Waste 
  • Vegetable dissipate 
  • Fruit waste

To start a business, you can choose any one of them and initiate your one. But, there are several other points that we have discussed further can assist you in raising the business fast. 

Steps To Follow Before You Start Food Waste Business 

If managing food business is not required much, but knowing a few things could help you to get success fast. 

1. Connect The Dots And Create Money 

Every year tons of food gets lost or wasted. You have to find the dots and with using technology, connect them. It requires efforts and problem-solving ability, but at the same time, you must know about the facts, such as:

  • 33% of food waste every year
  • Food waste costs a billion pounds every year.
  • 25% of water use to destroy the food
  • It contributes 8% of the greenhouse gas emission.  
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Consider these facts and try to connect them. 

2. Planning Is Crucial

Without an effective strategy, you may not be able to generate good revenue. It may become saturated that lead you to shut down the business. It would be great if you make a technique. 

The best way to proceed is to find a place where you can collect food. It could be a restaurant, party houses or many such places. Talk to the owners of the companies, and sign a deal. All you have to lift food from the location. 

Now, the question arises, where you can sell it? Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you pick tonnes of waste fruits and vegetables from orchards. Convert them into flavored juices. Now, you can sell them to the shoppers, or you can create your brand. 

3. Cost Planning 

To convert waste fruits or vegetables into juices, it requires machines. If you are starting at a small home-based business, then you can use two or three small machines. 

The best part is that the purchasing cost of these machines is not high. Even many people who fail to raise other businesses got success in this because of low investment. 

“Chris Ruffalo (Run a food waste start-up) said, he was in CCJ case where he failed to repay the borrowed money to the creditors and face terrible loss in the business. But, somehow be able to manage the situation with CCJ loans with no guarantor from a direct lender in the UK. And with remaining borrowed funds, he started food waste business. Now, he is earning more than he expected.”

You can see that it does not require a considerable monetary investment. All it needs strong planning. 

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4. Make Contact As Much As Possible 

The more contacts you have, the more profit you can generate. Visit different places where people visit to eat food and talk to the owner. It would be great if you give some bucks to the food owners, it will help you create a strong bond. 

5. Delivery Method 

There are no certain places where you can sell your product. You can either provide the home delivery or can open a shop. Do not forget to do your business online, so that most of the people can know about your company. 

You can attract more customers only when you provide attractive offers. At the initial phase, generating more customers should be your priority over making money. It may happen that you will not be able to create a large amount, but with the time you will make profit exponentially. 

These are the top five points that do not require any investors; all you need is research and efficient planning. Follow them and make your food-waste business successful. With this start-up, you are generating a triple win: Making money, Food security and protect the environment. 


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