Gaming Keyboard – Buying Guide

Choosing a gaming keyboard can seem complicated because the selection criteria are numerous; Mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard, or Chiclet? Which size to choose? What type of touch? Which mechanical switch to choose for your gaming keyboard?

To shed some light on this subject and answer your questions, here is our complete guide to gaming keyboards.

The 3 types of keys for a PC keyboard

There are three main types of keys:

  • Mechanical keyboards
  • Chiclet keyboards
  • Membrane keyboards.

You will quickly understand why there is cohabitation! Each has advantages and disadvantages. It is your use that will direct you to this or that type of keyboard. For buying guide about gaming mouse check Siam deal reviews also there are gadgets reviews will be available. 

For example, for a gamer, it is advisable to opt for a mechanical keyboard.  The latter has advantages but also a major disadvantage. It makes noise (See type of Switch) and not everyone can have a noisy keyboard at home, this can be a nightmare for those around. Chiclet or membrane keyboards are much quieter than mechanical but also less recommended for gamers because the risk of getting the wrong key is greater.

Chiclet keyboard

Chiclet keyboard Chiclet keyboard means a computer keyboard with keys that are flat and well-spaced from each other. In contrast to a classic keyboard with side-by-side keys and beveled edges.

To give you a very simple example, the keyboard of portable PCs is very often a Chiclet keyboard (see the photo) even if now we are seeing gamer portable PCs fitted with a mechanical keyboard.

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Advantages of the Chiclet keyboard:

  • The silence!!!!

Disadvantage of the Chiclet keyboard:

  • Responsive typing
  • There aren’t many on the market

Membrane keyboard

(Fairly soft price & limited noise)

The membrane keyboard is the classic keyboard. The one you meet on a daily basis.

For a gamer, the problem with a membrane keyboard is its lifespan and its reactivity which is much less than a mechanical keyboard. 

Advantages of the membrane keyboard:

  • Quieter than a mechanical keyboard (this does not mean that they are QUIET)
  • Price (we find from 10 euros … but hey we invite you to invest a minimum of 30 € anyway)
  • Quite water resistant (for the gifted)

Disadvantage of the membrane keyboard:

  • The longevity of the product which is not always at the top
  • Typing speed (low key return speed, therefore slower typing)

Mechanical keyboard

They provide invaluable typing comfort,  the has hit on a  mechanical keyboard is much faster than on a conventional keyboard, with the famous switches (or switches) that allow sending the command for the button is pressed, rather than ‘at the end!

Mechanical keyboards are organized into a range of switches (type of keys) and there are quite a few. We will describe them to you below. 

The advantages of mechanics:

  • + Solid (For the nags and the haters ^ _ ^)
  • + more reactive
  • + incomparable typing pleasure with a membrane keyboard
  • + Sensitivity of the keys

The mechanical disadvantages:

  • Some types of switches are noisy
  • The price that hurts quite badly

The different keyboard switches

A classic keyboard has keys operated by rubber domes. For a mechanical keyboard, where precision is essential, the keys are actuated by switches.

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There are 5 different switches that can be classified into 3 categories:

The Cherry MX Black and Red are linear type without activation click. The difference is made at the level of the necessary pressure: it takes 60g for Black against 45g for Red. 

We switch to touch switches, always without clicking. This time the pressure to be exerted on the key is not linear: it gradually increases at the start of the race to decrease just before activation, thereby making the striking feedback sensitive. In the case of Brown, we start at 45 g to reach 55 g just before activation, the Clear being a little harder with 55 -> 65 g. often described as the ideal compromise for gaming/typing use. 

Finally, the MX Blue are tactile click switches with activation, alias pay your racket. That said, these are wonders for seizure.

The RAZER case: Besides that, razer produces its own switches, the razer green or orange which allows a faster typing because the key restores automatically, which allows to strike again at less than half the distance required by the keys. Standard mechanical. And finally the hybrid switches, but very rare, which rely on an electrostatic and mechanical system in order to combine the reliability of the mechanical with the discretion and comfort provided by the electrostatic system.

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